31 thoughts on “Eric Tataw-Congratulations To Ayaba Cho, John Mbah Akuroh And Lessons To Other Leaders”

  1. in Pidgin we use to say from cover pot to fire 🔥 . Feel sorry for those who just sit and listen to people with nice suits and fat chicks … meanwhile kids are losing grip of their parental care and families are losing their businesses and other sources of livelihood as families spilts from the NW and SW into Other cities Only honesty and credibility leads to success when revolutions like this starts , but guess what those attitudes are inborn , u don’t just wake up to achieve a virtues like that .


  3. Lack of leadership brought southern Cameroon into this mess,we suffer for 56 years,Some stupid ,awful grammar speaking fools as leaders are making themselves happy on the people's money ,as people are dying helplessly at home.

  4. Eric Tataw you are very right. I agree with you 100%. Please always stand for the truth for this revolution to go forward. If this revolution fails, we will decent on this so call leaders.

  5. That's correct Eric. Call it for what it is. These slow indivduals who can't build up a plan of action or even follow up and coordinate what has be proposed by good people to release the pain and suffering we still find on GZ today. Give at least a chance to these courageous Amba boys on ground zero by means of proper coordination or support, so they can feel once again that they have leaders and not puppets. They are the locomotive that will pull this nonsense inflected upon us to a positive end.

  6. I think that for now Ayaba makes a good commander in cheif bc he talks to the aspirations of the amba people. He points out facts and build up strategies on which most people can rely. So we don't have any official reason to say he is not a good man.

  7. county by county will result to conflicts in the end when it comes unity. You should be talking about building an army for amba so that things will be better organized in the end. Together we stand and divided we fall Mr Eric Tataw.

  8. "Some of us who are on social media have refused to take the truth from those who speak the truth the most"

    Said it very well because social media is where it started, where it is and where it will end.
    People speak truth, people speak lies, but the only thing that matters is reality and reality is Cameroon is 1 and undivided.

  9. 2017: "The UN stands and support a 1 and united Cameroon". UN SG

    2018: "the ambazonians attack the Cameroonian army and then turn around and cry victim when the army reacts". UN SG

    What UN are you reffering to?
    Stop kidnapping children trying to go to school and their parents back home you terrorists rats.

  10. Mr Chris Anu and IG Dr Sako are slowing us doing by trying to politicizing and giving orders as if this struggle is a one man show. Yet they them self are sleeping while others are working. This Chris Anu style of one man show must stop. "We the People of Ambazonia, not we the interim Gov't". Contribution shall be only in a central account if not, no contribution any more.

  11. Those who claim that there have been in the revolution for long and should be given command position are a disgrace, they are very incompetent, in fact they are idiots, they are shameless to be asking for respect when they have been dangling on the same position for so many years doing nothing or confused

  12. This is a revolution and in revolutions some leaders rise and fall, yes Sir i support county by county, yes Sir sisiku, mancho,pa tasang etc were yesterday but today no more, maybe the real person to give us Ambazonia is yet to rise, more grease to your elbows Sir

  13. Eric you've regained my respect and trust. Deep inside you, you know only firebrand frontleaders, the likes of Cho Ayaba and hard hitting activists like you are to send shivers down LRC's spine and leaving them with sleepless nights. Prayers are good but alone, will never take us anywhere close to Buea. Worst off, inconsistencies takes us back from little gains we've made. Please read my following comment that I made in response to an activist from Canada, who like you, ought be listened to.
    My.comment on the Canadian activist's platform, please read below:

    I totally agree with your overall assessment on the situation of this revolution. Not taking anything away from Dr. Sako – he may be academically well credentialed and dedicated to this struggle but he does not seem to have the required capacity to lead a momentous undertaking such as a revolution of this magnitude. Whoever selected Dr. Sako to be AIG president did not do him any justice – Southern Cameroons can do better!                  Below is the comment I made in response to IG President Sako's speech some 3 days ago:              To execute this revolution to it's fullest and successfully get to Buea, we need people at the helm with firebrand and inspiring rhetoric, egos and boldness, the likes of Cho Ayaba and, not what appears to be preachers at the helm now. In fact, demonstrated successes usually feed egotistical tendencies and, ironically, that is what is needed at this stage of the revolution – prayers alone won't cut it. It doesn't mean it spares the likes of Cho, from constructive criticism; on the contrary, criticism makes them wanna maintain their egos by striving to demonstrate appreciable outcomes. Focus should be on what/who can take us closer to Buea, and less on the individual's quest for the limelight. The democratic processes and accountability mechanism that were adhered to, hitherto LRC's annexation, are enshrined in Buea, and will kick-in to rectify the current inconsequential flaws after the 5 blue and 4 white horizontal stripes, 13 golden stars surrounding a white dove, is hoisted on the PM's Lodge in Buea Anu is good and, is probably the right person to deliver messages, but he should avoid injecting his personal biases; implied or expressed – togetherness, at this point is paramount. He should be consistent and sticking to the script, hopefully, from a new reconstituted leadership council – not a president. For some of us of a certain age, Anu reminds us of Ekoko Edem, (pls feel free to correct the name) the powerful mouthpiece for Biafra during the biafran war of the sixties who made believe till the end, on Biafra radio. As you may already suspect, I belong to a age bracket, whose investments ought to be heavily leveraged in annuities, meaning we no longer have the luxury to invest long term. In this light, take any slow and/or back-peddling approach to this revolution from a few of us, the likes of Munzus, with more than a grain of salt. Especially from those of us who had previously or currently work in any capacity related to LRC. Almost all, operate subconsciously due to LRC long indoctrination – LRC has succeeded greatly here than we tend to acknowledge at times. Bribery has become the norms. A walk down the memory lane in British South Cameroons, and you find the irreproachable Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that was both revered and feared, mostly by those who were entrusted in their official capacity to honorably serve the ordinary citizens; we find "off the road" on lorries that really meant a vehicle's worthiness to be on a public road was unquestionably banned. I can go on and on; and, if for these, or, just only for this exemplary governance, you, especially you young people, must fight to get out from under the grip of LRC. Your undoubtedly bright future, hangs on it. Do it fast, so some of us who will be fortunate to still be around, could help re-establish the separation of powers that existed between the legislative, executive and judiciary before this structure was
    systematically dismantled after Southern Cameroons became a colony of LRC. By the way, county by county defense groups does not and, shouldn't preclude bi- or multi-lateral county cooperation and, the leverage of essential and critical assets on specific defense operations no matter the county where the asset is located. Let's not forget the Southern Zone's geographic nature and terrain with it's dense forest provides a buffer zone for the defense forces to hit repeatedly and retreat to, for safety and minimize casualty. It would be foolish not to employ the fighting skill sets of a well tested fighter who may be idling in the Northern Zone, and vice-versa, for certain projects with potential to maximize the pain inflicted upon LRC, simply because of some county to county's restrictive dogma

  14. Mr Eric. Stop washing yr dirty leniency in public. No moral values as compared to Chris Anu and Dr Sako whose humble , humidity and respectful attitudes to their fellow brothers and sisters have proven them respectable abazonians. so Mr Eric stop hitting your chest and gesticulating. It will not take u to buea. For your information u can't go there alone. Only Mutual respect of hierarchy can see you across with your people.

  15. Ababa and John Mbah are rogue leaders. The only reasons they talk collaboration is to use the followings of the IG to raise money for themselves. Guy don't be shallow in your analysis.

  16. Ayaba Cho, Mark, Tapang and Tataw are the leaders of the revolution who better knows what we are going through. The other so called IG members are merely playing politics. we have no doubt about that. Anu and Sako should move out and leave it to competent persons. They are not fighting, yet slowing us down.

  17. Remember that from today you do not talk of leaders again but ambazonian activists. I like fact that you still talk about a government. This is very important. That is transparency of though. I still think President Sako has the mantle but you can help from the rear for your place is higher but further ahead be careful not to move in to early. The people of Ambaland have a record of everything and God has a better one. You are better now as the whistle blower. Let us not lost this opportunity too soon.

    Please let the government be empowered by the people and you are championing this renewed energy blowing the whistle. Do not rush in my brother Eric remember the transmission from Sual to David and David to Solomon. Remember not to be in a hast to turn the government around. Help the Ambazonia succeed first…. I think we should put the government there for consistency. keeping moving on from the side. Some people may be changed from the IG but we need it to move forward. We must be trusted as a people Eric, how I hope you were going to understand this.

    God fetches the pure at heart. Just do your job of getting ambazonia freedom. County is now clearer and clearer. Push on…

    God is carrying the mantle.
    God is leading the battle. Stay focus. Remember that the forest is already approaching Bamenda and the count down to the 60th day is ahead. A forest will cover the major town.

    God is leading.

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