2 thoughts on “Eric Tataw espousing them all. Ayaba is working with LRC”

  1. Isaiah 57:1-2. Ivo is gone, may his soul rest in perfect peace. His monument will be erected on ambazonia,,,,, land after this smoke clears. Ever since an interim government was created all we have witness is fighting and division and killing. They accused ivo for killing and arresting, now that he is gone, let's watch and see if the fighting and kidnapping will stop, let's see if the so call government will fight and take us to buea.

  2. Now that y'all have decided to be fighting one another, not even in the house but in public, let's see how far you will go with the hate and divisions, Fools. Ivo is a hero, he laid his life for this course, something that none of u in this diaspora can do. It's a shame that he did not die in enemies hand. His killer is within. The interim government that claims to represent ambazonia people has said nothing, they choose not to bury our hero, the choose to abandon his body to be eaten by birds and in the hands of our enemy. He deserves a befitting burial, no matter what hate or division u had against him, for he is an ambazonia and fought for ambazonia. We cannot judge him in death. How dare we give the enemy a reason to celebrate? I expected this interim government to declare a ghost town, to mourn the fall of this hero but to my greatest surprise they really silence. I'm very suspicious of all these group, starting from the interim government, to ayaba, to akwangwa, etc, I'm very convince that one of them is working with the Cameroon government against us.

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