20 thoughts on “Eric Tataw (Garri) Called MKPD (KumKum) – Wuna Listen”

  1. MKPD… I dey GZ
    You are the best keep up. when watching your videos, there is all evidence that you are the one man bigger than the many… Show their pork bro

  2. I don already tell wuna say MKPD na ghost na why that ei get details right inside IG. Look all the leaks them from IG wuna feel say MKPD take details from which place? MKPD na ghost so make wuna just leave the man alone because he's everywhere

  3. Eric Toto, why are you behaving like someone of the 16th century. We're on Gz and it is a shame to Cameroon for someone in America to act the way you do. It is not your fault since you have never been educated. I wonder how did you do to be in America. I thought black people in America were intelligent until I heard of this toto(idiot). MKPD is not your level. See how he talk, he reasons. Is he your type? Never try to call him again. If you were wining as you keep on saying to deceive our people why are you people panicking? Tell us. It is a sign that you have lost. Everybody knows that. Only those who are making money out of this situation still believe. My friends told me that some Amboy are buying lands in yde and Douala. Where do they get that kind of money? Toto

  4. Who are yr KPDM?? Who are the idiots? I said you cannot be a southern camerounian & insult the whole of southern camerounians becuase u you call them fools & idiots & the people stupidly think u are joking. No. Yr intention is to stupify & nulify the tears of southern cameroun , as if they are slaves & according to u they can never be restored to destiny as fixed by God. You cann't be a southern camerounian & do the evil u ve been doing to them. Again i imagine how you were brought up to easily upon yr mouth insult a people idiots, fools etc at all times . It is not tataw u are insulting but southern cameroun, because they are strugling & fighting for the restoration of their people , eventhough with difficulties but one thing is certain , that God Allmighty being at the forefront of this strugle will show us the way as he did with his people of Israel in egypt. You cannot be happy to see us free becuase u are originally from french lrc even though u speak english. You cann't be a southern camerounian & hate them as much. But God knows how to answer people like u. Oh God remember yr people of southern cameroun in yr mercy & power so that yr heavenly justice may prevail for them for the glory of yr mighty Name. Thank you JESUS. Amen.

  5. Ma kontri pipo why are you not mucking Paul biya?, u are in cameroun whereby they are claiming they are Democratic people.?.why are you scary to muck Paul biya but u choose to muck Amba boys because you think they can't do anything to you. U are looking for trouble and the trouble will come.

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