16 thoughts on “Eric Tataw Has a Message For Hon. Wirba Joseph.”

  1. Eric Tataw County by county helps LRC to kill Ambazonians forces as a group and at once especially when they are gathered in one place.So how do you say county by county is good ?
    LRc can only use a strategy that has proven successful to them.LRC has seen that with the county by county method they have killed our people massively and that this method helps them easily eliminate a youthful population of a whole county in seconds.So how do you say county by county is good?
    County by county is just a means for some of you to use send your ASC to get ransom from LRC as you have been doing and to facilitate eliminate your victims from your hateful northern zone.
    Your activism is very dangerous in most instances.
    You can derail this struggle at anytime.
    Better concerntrate on your newspaper journalism because it will be at least censored before publication.Thanks.

  2. People blame the IG because the IG has already collected a lot of money with the pretext of supporting a united Ambaforces on GZ.The IG has that opportunity more than other groups as the highest Gov't of Ambazonia to help.
    We know that the IG is still keeping a lot of that money and getting ransomes from LRC through the ASC..So people have to turn to the IG .

  3. Eric I like when you talk, but all I want to say is we need unity amongst you all. With that we will be able to do more than what is being done now. Our struggle needs to be short lived. Those on GZ need support financial, material and others. Pls be united and help those on GZ esp the IDP

  4. Thank u very much Mr Eric pls I want to beg u to continue with the reconciliation issue so that our leaders could come together remember there is a saying that United we stand divided we fall we re almost in Buea so pls keep trying I pray God help u

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