32 thoughts on “Eric Tataw Implicated in the Burning of Kumba District Hospital”

  1. This act just demonstrated how foolish Amba fighters and their director Eric Tataw could be.Hospitals and churches are considered to be sanctuaries in times of distress for people to seek refuge, Mr Biya does not receive treatment in this hospital,why do we destroy things that are beneficial to us?

  2. We saw this with BOKO, hope the populace is now understanding very well. This is just the beginning, Tawtaw is now having kinda sexual gratification when he makes this type of breaking news—-the Shekau of Amba. Man no run. Fund-raisers, you made him, you have to finish your fufu…

  3. what a cruel world… Eric Tataw!! I swear to you, take this from me, before the end of this year, you will loose your kids, family members, freedom and breath!!! you have no idea who just wrote!! enough is enough!

  4. When politicians use the military to solve all the country's problems that is what we get. The military becomes the judge, jury and the executioner. So politicians use your military wisely in times of foreign attacks. Use political solutions on political problems.

  5. So this is amba retaliation against healthcare workers and patients for ignoring their shutdown. They promised hell to any soul that leaves their homes during this period and these hardworking healthcare workers and the sick disobeyed. Chris Anu and Eric Tataw should take their well deserved credit for this action

  6. Eric Tataw is by far the most evil of ambazonia activists. This time, he has crossed a red line. May he and the whole ambazonia aspiration of independence be cursed for ever and ever with total and abject failure.

  7. Hahahahahah..fake news , anybody can make audio…show you face if you are really honest .my kontry pipo..you are not smart..go and learn more .. hypocrite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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