24 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW-Message From A Bamenda Court To The UN,Cameroon’s Ambassador To US In Hot Water”

  1. Why do you keep calling the international help if you wont respect where their stand.
    You have decided to fight so i suggest you stop crying victim and get ready to fight as you're bound to get decimated. You kidnap children, parents, kill and behead soldiers and all these you brag about with videos to support. All these blah blah blah blah is just that, useless blah blah blah.

  2. The USA have zero tolerance when it comes to terrorists like yourself.
    The most devasted war ever fought in the US land was a civil war when the US federal government fought the Southern States that try to claim cessession. So if you think the USA will support something that themselves fought then clearly you have lost your mind. Its over for you and the rest of the clowns.

  3. The UN under the current secretary general is worser than the league of nations. The UN asking the perpetrators of genocide to investigate their war crimes is the most stupid decision on earth. Shame on you UN.

  4. It is high time we stop using the names ADF, SOCADEF, ASC, they will only go a long way to project the image of their masters who are corrupt and money mongers, it is a fact that if we don't totally erase these names at end this corrupt leaders will plunged us into a southern Sudan scenario, we will stand in support of you in having a central command for the army and you as the supreme commander, we will not want what is happening in Southern Sudan, DRC and others to happen to Ambazonia, we object the moves of the IG to ruin this revolution

  5. Thank you garri master. You proof your leadership qualities by not antagonizing other groups like the AGC. There is unity of purpose which is what is important. You are the supreme commander.

  6. It's inceptable that those who are chosen to be as watch dogs to peace in the world has turn to become the same people we now fear of they being corrupted by the Leader of LRC Paul Biya to support in gang killings and evil atrocities against the people of Southern Cameroon Ambazonia.

  7. Well spoken Our hero Eric, please don't forget to take to the DON the audio made by Njume Frankline a sorogate of Biya asking for people to kill all our leaders in the diaspora. He even said the he will do all it takes to pay rogues abroad to eliminate us all. No weapon fashion against any of you our leaders will prosper, for God is on our side.

  8. By clearly calling you terrorists the united nations just gave to Cameroon army the right to treat you like and open the way to ICC. Target killing is now authorized and a duty for Cameroon government. Let us see where the self declared commander in chief will hide.

  9. U re a doggggggggggggg and remain dogggggggggg . You can staying in USA opened your mami Pima mouth nothing will happened.

    Who the fuck are you monkey.

    You re nobody period with your fake ass journalist .

  10. You are very stupid hahahhahaha you can’t sued a diplomat in the USA . The fbi will arresting you nyamfuka. I hope on your green card is ambazonia with the flag HahahAhah. You will never ever renew your green card

  11. The truth is always very rude for lairs.√
    if i don't listen to God and u about this movement then I listen to no one.
    General E.T u r in charge sir, more Grace the lord is with U.
    We pray for deeper revelations more than that of king SOLOMON.

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