22 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW-spit fire.Death of General IVO, shame to AYABA,AKWANGA,CHRIS ,CAPO, TAPANG & BOH HERBERT”

  1. Well, it's a shame because Information is that ADF (Ayaba Cho) fingered general ivo to the military. A well calculated move because Eric tataw had previously accused ADF of working with LRC, so they decided to sacrifice one of their own (Gen Ivo) in a calculated attempt to show that they’re not working with LRC. Ayaba cho gave general ivo up. That’s how diabolic they’re, they will go any distance, truth will come out soon. It’s sad how Ayaba plays with these boys

  2. In the eyes of Ayabo cho, these boys are expendable. Others should learn from this so they don't make the same mistake. Ayaba will just finger them like he did ivo. He was quick to make a replacement, but then he argue it is a war time so a quick replacement is necessary. But the fact remains, the decision was made while ivo was still breathing.

  3. There must be transparency in the IG, if not the entire revolution will end from within. I said it back in 2017, start of 2018 and now again. Corruption demoralizes team work and unity. Take note that this betrayal is not the first nor would it be the last. Many people are now using this revolution to make money for themselves just like the IG members have been doing.

  4. Well spoken. Continue to remain focus and tell the truth. Please, go on with county by county and let us know who to send money to for grand zero fighters. God bless you. You are one of the best. Continue to support the struggle. Raise money and set an account. Thank you.

  5. i wonder how people are still listening to this idiot,don'r you see that things are falling apart,ambaboys are falling everyday,killed by the army ,killed by the infighting.more than 7so called genetal killed.let that idiot of tataw come down and fight.and we will know if he is really a man

  6. Bc of the tribal diff. Southern cameroun have always fought their self. Yh nw and the sw have a big difference. The have gone that far and people have died to come up with their wicked betrayals. If they are fighting now only God knows what will become of southern Camerounains if they are given freedom. It will be sodom and gomorrah btn the nw and the sw. Sc have a big problem that is why the wise man biya have been using them for 38 yrs non stop. Rip those gone bc of these stupid bamenda and bayangui and bakweri people who are power and money hungers.

  7. 'Frontline leaders' are agents of La Republique. Some of them are agents of CPDM elites. Others are agents of the Bamilike who do not want to see us free. The objective is to continue to use them to create confusion in the struggle.

  8. Eric I don't know u and I have nothing personal with u. I respect u for your spirit n efforts to make this struggle go ahead. But I most disagree with you. I will say u use this platform to promote hat amount our piping. At this moment we already know that LRC has planted a seed of greed in our land. But when u get on social media n say all this hate words, I will disagree with u. It's thanks to all these messages that u share here that the LRC gov't knows that there is no unity in our struggle. Our parents were not stupid when they said the roof of the house covers all the secrets of the house. So please as we get into this new yr I beg with u to plis use this platform to preach peace amongst yourselves so that together we can march to Buea Plis Eric use this social media to gather our people.

  9. You people should stop all these internal conflicts. You should be ashamed of yourselves that you are all fighting for a common struggle but you cannot be in unison. A
    What do you people want finally? You don't have pity for the vulnerable ones who are displaced, orphans, and the entire regions grounded with little or no activities, You people should stop all that . Come to the ground and see how people have been rendered homeless , some have lost their loved ones and you are there accusing each other. You should concretely tell us the way forward.Because all the brave warriors of this struggle have been killed. And finally it will be a mockery. To be or not to be ? That is the question!!!

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