5 thoughts on “Eric Tataw talks about the Ambazonian Struggle”

  1. Mr Eric Tataw this are very tangible questions we the Ambazonians are wondering if Tapang Ivo, Asu of Canada, Capo Daniel and others really think before conducting their blackmailing strategies against the struggle. I believe Asu and Capo Daniel were shocked when General RK said their issue is an internal one and shall be handled as such. He went further to warn Capo Daniel that he is not helping things with his negative videos.

  2. You too much like talk talk. Kidnapping go happen, you just di talk talk any how. When you will enter LRP then you will understand. You feel say you be who weehh American Government no fit catch you? Wuna di make the di kill kill people for GZ but wuna di fear for go GZ. why? See General Nambere e video weehh e di makam for GZ. All wuna for overseas di just disturb na disturb. Serious man for Don go GZ since. FBI go catch you idiot.
    Get Out.

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