19 thoughts on “Eric Tataw-The Most Evident Evidence That Ambazonia Is Truly Independent…”

  1. Please try to be avoiding unnecessary time talking and manipulating your phone. just go straight to the subject. We should be serious please. It's boring listen for more than an hour. All on all your great.

  2. Excellent and well explained regarding the corruption in the IG. Dr Sako takes the full blame for this corruption and should therefore change his strategy and management approach. Simple and humanitarian activities like refugee crisis relief fund can be made open to the public, but yet nothing.

    Let anglophones know that accountability is a core value of anglosaxon culture. If Sako thinks that accountability would be deprived from the anglophones, then he should know that he is alone and moving in the wrong direction.

    Note that it is not easy to get in weapons into Cameroon. Therefore, giving money to these group leaders to buy weapons is a waste because they are not able to get these weapons into cameroon. The fact is that there are currently no reliable channels to get in weapons into Cameroon. So giving money to group leaders to purchase these weapons is a waste because they would embezzle it. Please, such money should rather be used to help the refugees in Nigeria and families living in bushes. We have to save our population which already dying. Please,let the IG help these refugees. Let human rights examples be shown on our people by us in order for the rest of the world to follow through in the same way.

  3. Mr. Tataw I see some results from my trip to Buea funds on ground Zero. You can't expect 100 % outcome giving the situation on ground zero. Did you ask the boys on ground zero how they feed? Is it only weapons these boys need? What of the needs of the regime. Too much of your criticism brother. Just call the President out of public media to understand things better.

  4. Hahahahahahaha. Mr Tataw no kil me wit laf ok. Say movement do hw???? But on a serious note we nid to be serious on this issue ohhhh. No elections, Amba must be free, cus de kindom of God suffereth voilence and voilence taketh by force, so too must Amba be taken by force.

  5. Great job. Continue to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. God bless you. Many of us love you and will support you 100%. Dr. Sako is a straight forward honest man as l see but let him do a follow up on how the money was spent. Once that is done, more people will start contributing to my trip to Buea. Thank you. Buea is our goal to independence for all Ambazonians. Unity, you leaders and stop back stabbing to gain personal benefits. Ambazonia First is our main goal. God continue to bless the grandzero fighters. Amen.

  6. It's easier to close the polling stations than to permanently threaten your own brothers. Tataw you are so loose and without courage going as far as wanting to hide behind your daughter who would protect you because dhe is American. What is wrong in the USA they separate the children from the parents to explus them. Our eyes never leave you. Continues to put the gloves before open doors.

  7. Your time will come. A fool asking that they should kill his mother. You said you drink with people even francophone. Let ne tell you something if I met you one I instantaneous deal with you idiot. Coward come to the field

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