11 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW-The Seven Top Ambazonians Of All Times; Moving Into 2019”

  1. Let the IG account for our money. If the IG does not do that, then Sako and Co should quit the IG or the IG be dissolved. Sako is incompetent and corrupt. I really don't care about Ayaba because he does not represent anglophones as the IG does. We must not tolerate corruption because it would demoralize those boys on ground zero sacrificing so much for our freedom.

  2. Take the IG to court as an example of transparency. I no longer trust Sako and Co. We must stop them from any mafia. I am convinced that the IG has been penetrated.

  3. Like you pray and fast for a month God will instead punish you and your entire generation the people are tired of this rubbish soon even the ghost towns will not hold to show there are not with you

  4. I wish all of you were home here in ground Zero to feel the pain you guys are inflicting on us! we see our mothers father's children above all love ones die every day and you guys are in the Diaspora speaking rubish and manipulating us to be the sheep for the slaughter God is watching you guys

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