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The Struggle Continues


  1. Moses said to his people's when they where at the red sea, that ten times u have seen the wonders of the Lord but yet u still done no nor believe what he can do. Mr Eric T Ten times u have proved ur self to us Ambazonia but yet the people of little faith still not believed that u are the Moses the choosing one to save us.

  2. Eric u are good but u cannot form an army meanwhy ADF got army u just need to support Adf army.I know u are scare that the ADF army will arrest u when we get for cutting people hands and for killing ADF fighter especially for killing general Ivo

  3. Sincerely you are beginning to bore me with these your music, everyday you come and sit here playing Sesiku's music as if he is the only patriot in this struggle!!! We respect him as our president but we will not accept LRC kind of state where leaders are worshipped. You don't even play our anthem for once???

  4. A so called journalist who doesn’t know how many state constitue the USA. You are saying the same thing since 4 years. Cameroon will never négociateur with the separatists.

  5. Believe you will face ICC a monster asking people to cut children hands. Everyone is calling this crime against humanity. There are videos witness all evidences are there. Cameroon is compile the file. You will finish in the jail before Sako to federal jail.

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