23 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW – urgent-Big Documents Leaks From Atanga Nji Paul’s Office!!!”

  1. Idiot. 40 gendarmes militaries and police officer for DO protection. Let us what you can do. Any the situation is under control. The next DO will policed officer and gendarmes

  2. Comrade Eric you're right on track bro. Please let us create the gofundme account but while we are creating that, let us continue to fund the leaders for now because our boys on GZ desperately need our help now. If we must win, then we must dip our hands dip into our pockets. God is with us.

  3. Eric, all I can see you do is huffing and puffing. Continue to throw treats here and there. Your time is coming, you will be caught for all the atrocities that you and your friends in crime are doing. You are very unreasonable and lack of human dignity.

  4. Tigers should unconditionally stop attacking forces of comrade Ayaba, Tigers should distance themselves from Chris Anus n Sako Ikome for their failure for My trip to Buea funds which they have embezzled and then set up a propaganda to blackmail comrade Ayaba, simply to divert attention of MTTB funds they have used for personal interest and the same sako n chris Anu collaboration with LRC, using The NIGERIAN born Ibo man Nwachuku Eric Tataw to blackmail comrade Ayaba Lucas instead of uniting Amba against the enemy it Sako n chris Anu are in romance with Atangaji Paul

  5. Nice! Where is all the $45.000.000 moneys you and all Ambazonians contributed during the million march day in Washington dc? I thought the money was going all to ground zero. Do u know what happened brother Eric?

  6. hahaha Paul biya ei agent them way their paid don raised from 5000frs cfa to 10000frs cfa know how for comment. the stupid boys them know for comment nonsence. for them na work that. My bro Eric na only u, the big boy for this struggle, this paul biya them ei rubbish contaminated small agents oif distruction them di waste time, we know all of una, small corrupt blood drinkers them. Pa Eric na big boy. first class infos and we trust him

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