Every end is a new beginning; Join Pamela Happi & the Loftmates as they talk “Severing Ties”

2 years ago

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Severing ties cook out with house guest Miss P, visiting from Cameroon on The Spot

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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Every end is a new beginning; Join Pamela Happi & the Loftmates as they talk “Severing Ties””

  1. wait oh Miss P how come you didn't clear that up? Cameroon is a Bilingual country with 2 official languages. if you're Anglophone then your first language is English and second is French, and Vice versa for Francophone.

  2. I love Miss P, but she must love cooking with red oil instead of olive oil (Cameroon don't grow olive trees), and Must also Love bar Fish(Cameroon) instead of Mussels. Let's promote our own guys

  3. like seriously Miss P Cameroon has two languages, English and French. I really dont understand why u said Cameron's first language is french
    this is how people make us anglophones in cameroon 2nd class citizens especially in this very trying times in the country's history
    u should have represented us better

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