4 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Ambazonian acting President Ikome on foreign channel”

  1. What a liar! What a disgrace! And this man is supposedly a man of God? Why about your Amba butchers killing and cutting the heads of the soldiers, killing every single person who is against them, burning down schools, killing traditional rulers and administrative authorities, and all french speaking people working there?
    You are nothing but a murderer a criminal a killer and a coward sending people to death and hiding abroad! You and your banga addicted Amba killers will face human and God's justice as well as Biya.
    You (and not the anglophones) and your Killers are TERRORISTS

  2. Nasty lies… It’s just amazing why any abuses of the S/W and N/W people has never being mentioned in the last 57 years, before you started attacking and killing Cameroonian law-enforcement personnels. Every country has the right to defend themselves against foreign and local ennemies. And if you think that you’re going to attack the authorities without retaliation, then think again. Your people have real grievances like most Cameroonians: Poverty, endemic corruption, bad governance, lack of freedom, on the top of that willing to assimilate you people. But all of that doesn’t give you the right divide the country by rewriting history. Every Cameroonians are ready today to talk about the form of the state, but no one beside traitors and evil demagogues are wiling to divide the country.

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