Father ESSAU Releases the GOSPEL TRUTH About Ambazonian STRUGGLE

8 months ago

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My heart bleeds as I listen to you. Long live Ambazonia
Father, we need real men of God like you, more in hard times like this. Please don’t stop to preach the truth and righteousness to the hearing of our enemies who devote their hearts to evil deeds. They will be put to shame. Our mother’s, brothers and sisters in the bushes needs your prayers. 5mins of your videos more on you tube will surely set us free. Thank you. All we can say is thank you Jesus , thank you man of God. You have spoken the mind of God already . Let everyone that is wise n has ears listen and obey what the spirit of the Lord is saying. God bless you servant of the Most High, God bless Ambazonia


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “Father ESSAU Releases the GOSPEL TRUTH About Ambazonian STRUGGLE”

  1. Point of correction Paul biya ,Laurent esso,atang nji and the rest in government are not christians.These are demons hiding in churches who have been exposed by the Holy ghost.when last have you seen paul biya going to church.He is now serving but grand master which will take him to hell.

  2. Thank you father.This generation of Ambazonians are not going to pass this mantle to no generation .We are warriors,conquerors,winners and very soon God will send us our own Moses and we will be liberated. Whether they like it or not it will be sooner rather than later."Believe that" and stay Amba strong.Long live Ambazonia short live the struggle.

  3. Yes Brother you said it all. This is the reality and the raw truth. But on the other hand i feel pity for you because i already consider you in the past tense because this DEMONIC regime will do away with you and tell the people that a sizeless mosquito had to bite you or maybe they will say that an ocean suddenly appeared in your compound and it was so beautiful and you decided to go and swim and you disappeared etc. and they will give tangible reasons for…. They are are capable of everything and shameless. Don´t forget how they said a suitcase of money disappeared betwen Paris and New York etc.
    I am just human but God, the Alpha and Omega will never allow that to happen to you in Jesus name. Amen. Continue to spit Fire. Who are they to challenge God.

  4. Thanks very much man of God. I hope this wicked government listen to you and repent. May God protect you from this wicked government because they hate to hear the truth. I give God the glory one day Ambazonia will be free. Please man of God take care i don't trust this government.

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