Field Marshal Manekshaw dies

12 years ago

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, independent India’s best-known soldier, has died; he was 94. Manekshaw spent his final days at a military hospital in Wellington; he had developed several medical complications. Manekshaw was affectionately called Sam Bahadur because of his association with the Gorkha Rifles. He died a little after midnight with his immediate family by his side.


The Struggle Continues

40 thoughts on “Field Marshal Manekshaw dies”

  1. Dear Field Marshal Sam Sir,just know that at our bad times,at our helplessness ur bold walking, ur powerful personality as well as actions gave us hope and courage…We are so grateful to u…No matter how many centuries have passed by still u are in our hearts.

  2. Thank you Sir for your exceptional, meritorious and honorable service to the Army and the Nation. Salute from a Veteran. Rest in Peace Field Marshall Sam Bahadur Manekshaw 🙏

  3. Due to the infinite real and brave officers and soldiers like Sam Sir, Our Indian Army,the greatest army of the world,can never be defeated and we can say infinite times-"JAI HIND" and I can just say that we are proud to be Indians.

  4. I am sorry me and all fellow India's have elected those who are not capable to measure your bravery and honor you when you were alive and still after you passed away 🙁

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