Finding The Sarcasm in School Resumption Let’s make sure children go back to school. Let’s equally …

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Finding The Sarcasm in School Resumption

Let’s make sure children go back to school. Let’s equally tell them that education will lead them to jail if ever they use it to stand up for history, human rights, and justice. Let them know that they are being trained to become a new generation of hosana-singing idiots with no right to independent thought. Let them know that their education is much more important than a just society. That you never sacrifice a day of your education to fight for justice even if you believe that your education is leading you to a lifetime of discrimination and marginalization. Tell’em that education is going to school! Tell’em that at some point in their history, the churches failed them by sacrificing a year of their education for freedom. Tell them that some of those who professed to care about education frauded their own certificates. Tell’em that there is a nicely crafted model for civil disobedience and that there’s nothing like context. Pls, tell’em that Balla was wrong and Ekema was right. Tell’em that Mafany is more patriotic than Wirba. Tell’em that the education that took Fontem to jail and generations of anglophones will save them. Tell’em Elonge wrote this with the crippling cloud of impending arrest hanging threateningly above my head though educated. Tell’em all these principles and send them to school to be given notes about the heroism of Paul Biya!

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By Kwoh Elonge

My comment: #FreeAllArressted #NoToSchoolResumption

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The Struggle Continues

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