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First lady 4 Batibo nyango #julienne with crank face say mek gun men tell how much money dem need f…

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----------> www.nchangshoeboys.org Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------
First lady 4 Batibo nyango #julienne with crank face say mek gun men tell how much money dem need for liberate her husband say yi di over missaam 2much cold my people a beg wouna cam tek e comot ma face Temple Smith Amba Gorge Larry Scott Amba Amba Bakweri Elias Tumasang

Courtesy of… Jon Tomas || 2018-02-13 16:10:18

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA stupid woman we do not need your fucken money lol

  2. Modika Itel says:

    U too feel the pains of our innocent mothers

  3. Hmmmmm so them too get feeling for human been ehhh sorry wipe your tears your husband will soon meet you okay

  4. Take the money and help refugees and become a widow cus husband is gone

  5. Modika Itel says:

    She will meet her in heaven

  6. El Nelsono says:

    How much can we give for the release of AyukTabe?

  7. Who was talking about money here? Have u ever sat and thought of how the other ladies feel having their husbands behind bars for all this while? Woman abeg I no want vex

  8. Joel Matip says:

    use the money go support refugees for Nigeria
    Or tell Biya may he release our H.E Ayuk

  9. Ndam Sule says:

    Ashia mandam god no why

  10. Modika Itel says:

    When our 90th mother at kwakwa was burnt to Ashe’s, did she sympathies

  11. Tita Toby says:

    This is exactly what the wives of those southern cameroonians abducted or killed have been going through for months,weeks,years.

  12. as u thx that money can buy every thx ashia

  13. Blaise Ngam says:

    This matter is serious oh

  14. Simon Achu says:

    BREAKING IMPRESSIVE NEWS FROM AMBAZONIA FIGHTERS 11 FEBRUARY BATTLEFRONT FIERCELY ACCURATE, AND SELECTIVE SURGICAL STRIKING VICTORIES THAT KILLED 28 BIYA’S SOLDIERS WITH 20 MORE BADLY WOUNDED TO NEAR DEAD IN THE NEXT COMING DAYS ACROSS AMBAZONIA TERRITORY TO SEND AMBAZONIA MESSAGES OF DEADLY INTENT TO KILL OR CAPTURE ANYONE WHO DARE TO BREAK THE LAWS OF AMBAZONIA. ALL AMBAZONIA FREEDOM FIGHTERS HAD TO USED SPEED AND ACCURACY IN THE MOST MODERN URBAN WARFARE EVER KNOWN WITH DIAGNOSTIC PRECISION TO MINIMIZED CIVILIAN CASUALTIES LIKE THE CASE OF ARRESTING THE DIVISIONAL OFFICER FOR BATIBO WHO WAS DEEPLY SEATED INSIDE THE CROWD WITH FOUR GENDARMES AS BODY GUARDS SURROUNDING HIM THAT WERE COMPLETELY DISARMED AND SENT TO THEIR EARLY GRAVES BEFORE THE DIVISIONAL OFFICER WAS FULLY CAPTURED ALIVE. The divisional officer for Batibo was primarily targeted for being notoriously known as Biya’s secret executioner in reporting, arresting, kidnapping, torturing terrorizing and killing of innocent Ambazonians in Batibo communities in record numbers never seen or heard from an Ambazonia citizen from Ndian county who flatly betrayed his own brothers and sisters to serve his evil master Biya that made him to be arrested and taken to an unknown destination for illegally leading a banned 11 February celebration in Ambazonia territory without permission. He was fatally shot and killed by Biya’s own soldiers in a failed crossfire of rescue operation that ended his life. All traitors are considered as enemies and subject to the ferocious and gruesome punishment of being hanged, executed, drawn, and quartered by the righteous enactments and by the due process of the laws of Ambazonia. Nih John Fru Ndi and many other traitors must sit up or face the same execution style killing for mixing things up in trying to undermine Ambazonia independent restoration. There will be no peace, no election, no 20 May celebration, No senatorial election and no CPDM activities in Ambazonia territory again.

  15. Did u mind coming on air when he ordered the killing of our brothers ,raping and displacement of thousands Into neighboring country????. Just forget about him.look for another husband with the stolen blood money u have OK bitch !!!!!!!

  16. Modika Itel says:

    Are u bold enough to tell biya to exchange our president with ur man

  17. Hahahaha u go cry for 10yrs u no go ever see’am. Go marry any palm wine tapper for wuna village idiot

  18. See see see oooooooh my dear take heart

  19. Even if they were to release him, there will not because u made ur announcement but on CRTV. The same cruket CRTV which is going around with lies better go to another media before they can hear u.

  20. Gisele Akwi says:

    I pity this situation…its so sad..poor her..

  21. Temple Smith says:

    😂😂😂Torry deh❗❗❗

  22. Mary Baba says:

    When your husband was pointing out young boys in the neighborhood for la republic to abduct and kill you were quite and it was ok because it was not your children we cry you cry my sister

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