Fon Gorji Dinka answer and clarifies your questions – A must watch.

2 years ago

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This video will help you understand better the Southern Cameroons problem. This video has been made from some video presentations made by Fon Gorji Dinka in 1990. This video is a must watch fro every Southern Cameroons citizen. Education of what we are fighting for will be key for us to win. This video has been made independently by freesoutherncameroons.
All video content that appears on this video belong to original owners and producers. FreeSouthernCameroons is only using the videos to create more awareness. No Copyright of any video or material intended.


The Struggle Continues

2 thoughts on “Fon Gorji Dinka answer and clarifies your questions – A must watch.”

  1. I have found this video very educating and I formative especially as it explains why Ambazonians are fighting for their country. Over the years as you know, there has been a concerted effort to eliminate our history from the curriculum…Now You Know. 

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