Food Collapse Documentary!

1 month ago

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This is a short Documentary to show case the possibility and impacts of a total Food Collapse!


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The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “Food Collapse Documentary!”

  1. There was wood and time to build a decent raft. As far as I know no one did that
    I always like fossil fuels as units of one person's daily work. Makes you realize a collapse scenario means a BIG cut back on the usual
    Anytime you mono anything you set up a failure scenario. Soil around me is sterile and dead. No gasoline? No food from that soil
    We can sustain infinite growth IF we figure out how to get into space easily AND accept billions living in misery
    "milk solids" "corn syrup". Both avoid and both hidden by new names. If food has more than 4 ingredients listed consider if it is actually food or a product
    Surprised ABC ran that segment. Wouldn't make advertisers happy. FDA is mainly Industrial Food Producers anyway
    CBC Marketplace is kick as$
    We used to throw out a lot of food until about two years ago when we started intentionally not buying food without checking the fridge first and using up food in the fridge. Our food waste would be near zero if it was not for the prepper waste!
    Yes we keep bread in the freezer until we use the loaf that is not in the freezer. This also cut down my bread eating mania
    26:10 Absolutely. Data has a place but as the Leader of Everything it is a system for failure
    31:36 Local energy as well. The time of grand national power and food grids won't last. Even if it does we will breed ourselves into collapse anyhow
    A consumer has no power if there is nothing to buy or if their 'money' has no value to the producers
    I'm the 100th vegan monkey. Vegan is everywhere now (yes most is not great food) but when we started 10 years ago the was nothing at all!
    Great documentary. Hope it survives copyright

  2. Excellent video describing what we are looking at in the future as various parts of our systems continue to break down. I do think it's fair to note that birth rates are also falling from a variety of causes. That does serve as something of a counterbalance.

  3. I am leaning about growing potatoes in grow bags and producing my own compost. Its not that hard and yes I could be doing more but I feel learning skills in the garden and investing in tools are a very good start. Its not just human stupidity I am worried about but the sun is also going to sleep. I also just have a feeling in my gut that our luck is about to run out now.

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