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For 55 years we begged for dialogue but the government of la Republique treated us like animals each…

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For 55 years we begged for dialogue but the government of la Republique treated us like animals each time we did! Recently our honorable lawyers and teachers peacefully asked for a dialogue but you beat them like snakes and tore their clothes. After killing some of our children, you invited them for a dialogue. Our legends still humbled themselves in their pain, wiped their tears and still honored your invitation. Instead of doing what they asked you to do you decided to give them fat bribes in exchange for the peace of their people. When they refused your money, you criminals changed the constitution overnight, arrested them and branded them terrorists…. Wow! Cameroon government😅😅😅😅, I salute your criminal abilities, but I am her to let you know that all your games are over! Negotiation period is over! No more slavery in southern Cameroon! The whole of Cameroon will not rest until all our people in your custody are out! We are a cube of sugar in an ocean but this time, that ocean will not rest until it spits us out!
The struggle continues!

Courtesy of… Rosa Siri Yomo || 2017-01-26 15:43:17

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  1. Teke Bidias says:

    I don suffer nobe small the time is now and it must happen….

  2. Amstrong Awa says:

    No criminal shall go unpunished

  3. Andin Brie says:


  4. Nkuin Eric says:

    you spook sense my dear

  5. Edwinhio Bob says:

    Foolish law which is applicable only to a particular individuals!!
    Let me Warn MTN and others networks pls stop filling my inbox with rubbish!! Ok??
    Am tire of such laws and prisons.
    Text Biya that i said let him enlarge the prisons cuz it will soon be too small for all west cameroonian to get in!!
    First apply the laws to Cameroon tribute that publish fake informations that schools has resume in West Cameroon.
    Apply the law to crtv for lieing everyday. Rubbish!!
    No schools
    Release our Leaders and our school mates.
    The struggle continue!!

  6. No release of our leaders no negotiations and no schools. The ghost town continue.

  7. Aben Nerisia says:

    This sugar deny nkwata _nkwata for melt,chop fire

  8. How Will Minpostel Send Their Text To The N W and S W? Or Are They Not Cameroonians?

  9. Nello Nelson says:

    you have spoken well my dear! thanks

  10. Shei Cliffy says:

    that was nice bro. congrat, keep On

  11. Yeah u are very correct the strugle continues

  12. good one struggle continuos

  13. Ernest Song says:

    U have no problem sir for what you have said

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