France Falls As Ambazonia Rises

2 weeks ago

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The Chadians people have risen up against French manipulation rejecting dictatorship while Ambazonia sends a clear message to La Republique Du Cameroun with multiple explosive attacks.
Capo Daniel
DDC Ambazonia Defense Forces


The Struggle Continues

12 thoughts on “France Falls As Ambazonia Rises”

  1. Gabon, chad, cameroon next. Whats the variable why these kids taking over from their parents? Family money in France. France will make all them poor in a minute. They have no option but to take over.

  2. First of it's kind Capo Daniel has read events as it is, no more claiming results of other fighters action. Thieves has been using the name of Amba fighters to commit atrocities against our population. We can now accept ADF/ARF to work together to save and Restore Southern Cameroon Ambazonia independent. Once again thanks to Capo Daniel for that wonderful report. Unity brings freedom faster than expected.

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