4 thoughts on “France to return looted African artifacts |Migrant committed suicide to escape deportation”

  1. This is so bludclart strange if it was black people stole then history it will be war on top of War then blood clot why bumbaclot people teeth the history of our ancestors because they have nothing to show them all white children to rasclat why is it there is no one to hold them accountable for what they done but if a black man do something they quick to lock him down she will come down in the street it was white people need to go and suck out the bloodclart mother

  2. They should return every blood clotting none of it belongs to you return every mother rasclat thing any of those image look like you fools the Arab Muslim is no different from them they are the one that sell out black people from first the Arab Muslim

  3. It is blood clotting possible for a white man to have something for a black man when he doesn't look like blood clot off their teeth a lot of black people history they need to return it to rasclart all of them is to go and suck out where the sun don't bloodclart bumbaclot rasclat sunshine

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