Freeing girls trafficked to Italy for sex: 'You will not be a slave for ever'

4 years ago

Thousands of women and girls are being trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, into a life of forced prostitution.
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Abused and desperately vulnerable, they have a champion in Princess Okokon, who was herself trafficked from Nigeria in 1999. Okokon fled her captors, and, with her husband, Alberto, set up the NGO Piam Onus. Together they have helped hundreds of women in Asti and Sicily to escape their traffickers, giving them refuge and support.

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The Struggle Continues

45 thoughts on “Freeing girls trafficked to Italy for sex: 'You will not be a slave for ever'”

  1. I was kidnapped and trafficked at 13. A woman saved me. Tiny woman on drugs came to save me with nothing but bravery and a box cutter in her hand. I’ll never stop telling people about her.

    I wish I knew who she was but I’ll never know

  2. how can anybody claim that they didn't know about sex trafficked and sex traffickers when its all over the media? IGNORANCE in this case has been made to be very painful, for these girls.

  3. A country that has oil as a mineral resource. Should not have there women in Italy doing this kind of Job. Nigerian people should not be in there country period with all the money the country has. Italy has no mineral resource. Italy is a poor country compared to Nigeria. What a joke mate

  4. انا اتكلام في محكومة جنبنة دوليى我只道全六语联和国международныйуголрвноесудcirteinrernationaldejysticecorteinternationaldejustice

  5. I wonder is this how the slave trade started? They trafficked some girls, then went to get men to have baby slaves with, etc. Because what kind of boat was that with all of those people on it?! Thanks ma'am and husband for trying to show the ladies how to value themselves. You are appreciated. Where are the men going? Everyone needs shots. These people need more help. What happened to your trafficker?

  6. Welcome to the truth of the EU and it's open borders. Your slaves boost our economy. There is a special place in hell for those that still wish to stay in the EU.
    Alberto I bloody love you! Brilliant man!

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