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Fru Ndi And The “Anglophone” Problem – Pastor Kenedy Ejacha

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Fru Ndi and the “anglophone” Problem. Watch this video and share it extensively. Even if you cannot watch it, still go ahead and share. Every Cameroonian must watch this video.
Pastor Kenedy Ejacha.


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  1. Anna Leinyuy says:

    speak on!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 the time has come!!!!

  2. bill h says:

    Not sure the Anglophones will progress without the support of like minded Francophones who also have been kept back by Biya.

  3. A civil war would have brought change , what are you talking about. We don't need this kind of talk. Bamenda will remain the same because they keep relying on this old people. Both the opposition and the ruling party got to go.

  4. KT GAime says:

    Mon frere suis ok avec toi. tous les Camerounais ont les memes problemes. Abats les sécessionnistes!!

  5. KT GAime says:

    De nouveaux leaders politiques doivent émerger au Cameroun. il n'y a pas une opposition sur laquelle nous pouvons compter. Des opposants qui se fondent dans le RDPC ou le gouvernement et deviennent des sapeurs pompiers du système qu'il combattaient hier. c'est en fait des chasseurs de postes.

  6. ala oro says:

    Fru Ndi is a realist. He knows Anglophones are outnumbered 4 or 5 to 1 and no outside force will put adequate pressure on Biya to come to the table….certainly not the USA with their boilerplate pronouncements….

  7. chy day says:

    can you please sir give the meaning of Ndi?

  8. Well done my brother,Yes our Pres.Fru Ndi is our great LEADER, we have all rights in Kamerun to support Him.

  9. Fru Ndi was an hero, but he has messed up everything by staying longer in politic. He is a man of past. He needs to step down without any offense

  10. Pastor keep up the spirit…

  11. Larry Payne says:

    No one wants violence on Fru Ndi or for that matter anyone else. I have no reason to believe or not believe the conspiracy theory you put out there. However, the point I think we should be making and the question we should be asking is how is it possible that Fru Ndi can he head of a political party for almost 25 years??? We all supported the movement back in 1992, especially those of us from the North West. Fru Ndi made important progress in moving the country forward in the early years, however his refusal to stand down has just been as bad as Biya's rule. How can one man run a party for 25 years? If he won't give up control and has routinely shown himself to be an autocratic party boss, why should I think Fru Ndi as President won't just be another Biya. The Cameroon opposition and especially Anglophones from Fru Ndi's generation have very sorely disappointed me. They are the typical bull dogs with the loudest barks but no teeth. All this old heads should go retire. Let us infuse fresh young blood (the likes of Joseph Wirba) to carry us into the next chapter of our struggle for freedom. I cannot sit here and have my hopes in the hands of Ndi. He is completely ineffective and useless He needs to get out of the way so that we can focus on the struggle rather than talk about Ndi. The guy is a disgrace.

  12. joe sam says:

    Please shut up! What kind of pastor are you? How can your so call hero be the leader for 25yrs?

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