Fula tribe found in South Sudan western Bahr el Ghazal state.

4 years ago

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Many Fulani people are found mainly in Wau and Raja country in South Sudan Western Bahr el Ghazal state.

The Fulani, who are also known as the Falata argue that they have lived in South Sudan since the 1917 and they deserve a national IDs and passports for South Sudan. But despite the case many South Sudanese say the Fulani migrated from West Africa several decades ago, officials in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state in South Sudan are refusing to issue a national ID cards to members of the Fulani tribe, insisting that they are not eligible because they’re not South Sudanese.

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but members of Fulani tribe also known as fallata say that their ancestors migrated to what is now South Sudan nearly a century ago.”Our fathers and grandfathers were here in South Sudan since 1917. Our fathers and grandfathers and ourselves haven’t left this place since our arrival. We were born here and we lived here and this also applies to our fathers,” Fulani community leader Muhammed Adam Issa said”.

But in spite of their insistence that they are South Sudanese, Issa said only five Fulani have been given national IDs or passports so far. this news was in 2013.


The Struggle Continues

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  1. Always love nomadic culture be it Izon water nomads, Fulani savannah nomads or Taureg desert nomads, interesting  that in Mauritania and. Senegal water nomads, desert nomads and savannah nomads all meet

  2. Fulani or Fulbe people lives in the Sahel region. They do look like as African Americans (President Obama have 50% African and 50% European ancestry). The Sahel lies between North Africa an Sub-Sahara Africa. There is a close correspondence between genetic and geographic distances.
    Fulani People came into existence when Berbers migrated down from North Africa and mixed with the peoples of Sub-Sahara Africa. They share maternal lineages with Berbers like U6, U5, H, V haplogroups. But also the presence of variant gene -13910T responsible for digesting milk sugar in adulthood, found in Europe , north Africa and west Africa is a good indicator that Fulani are related to Berbers. The modern North African is mainly west Eurasian in ancestry, and cluster with Europeans and west Asians.

  3. Warm greetings from Khartoum, Sudan, to our second half, South Sudanese, without discrimination. We both now are passing through the worst period of time that is the result of our politicians' stupidity that led to all these horrible situations.
    Whenever I remember my earlier life in Wau and how beautiful it is, I can't help stopping my tears of pouring on my cheeks for our beloved country and people who are now become two nations! It was so fantastic that you would have ever imagined it. Not to mention the simplicity and peacefulness of Wau dwellers!

    Woe to those who behind all these horrific situations!
    I wish we both have an everlasting peace, safety and stability and decent life full of progression, achievements, and prosperity.*

    Best wishes.

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