8 thoughts on “Fulani Herdsmen Are Victims Not Terrorists – Usman Shehu”

  1. Point of correction mr man, it is not "clashes", it is terrorists terrorizing the villages, murdering people, raping women and children and harvesting human organs for whatever reason. All we know is that they are fulanis. The president is a fulani, if anyone has murdered people in the way the fulanis are murdering people. If anyone has murdered the fulanis, bring it out straight and people will know about it. No one has ever heard that anyone has attacked the fulanis. Please, please, it is not "fulani/farmers "clashes". The fulanis are not clashing with anyone. They are just terrorists coming to occupy Nigeria, by murdering and maiming Nigerians with impunity. Please can you stop down playing the murderous and demonic killing and harvesting of human organs in Nigeria. The fulani terrorists murder people at night while they were sleeping. You are lying and being sentimental

  2. Mr. man, what you are saying is not good. Indirectly, you are supporting the fulani terrorists murdering people in Nigeria. You are indirectly saying that they are on a revenge mission by murdering people. We have never heard that anyone killed the fulanis in Nigeria. Why coming now to say that someone killed them?

  3. All what mr shehu said here is absolutely truth, especially the mambila killings. I am from that place mambila plateau, the fulanis there re not the type who moves around,they practice ranches for over two decades, they’re the first to practice ranching in Nigeria, they’re civilized educated and peace loving people, they’re the second largest tribe in the area out of the 6-8 tribes who resides on the plateau. The mambilas are the majority of course, but government the state and the local government in particular is playing politics with peoples lives on the plateau instead of developing the place, the indigenous mambila tribe formed a militia called mambila militias who goes around killing the fulanins burning their houses looting their belongings and killing the animals as well! This happened in the year 2001/2002. It happened again 2017 where thousands of the fulanis re killed their animals killed or rustled away. It’s happening now again there’s killings going on there the army deployed there GCO ahanatou Who went there on the direct order of the federal government said it all he says he has never seen people been killed like that he saw a pregnant Fulani woman killed butchered the baby removed slaughtered! Even boko haram hasn’t done that says brigadier general ahanatou.. he called for the arrest of some individuals who instigated the genocide but was later released on the order of the state attorney general. It’s so unbelievable how things re happening in Nigeria how a whole tribe can be pointed as terrorist while in reality they’re the victims. Only if you happen to be there then you’ll see the level of atrocities done to the fulanis. With this kind of impunity I don’t see how we can have peace in the country because the truth is that “ justice before peace” you can’t kill my entire family loot my things make poor and then walk free, yet you expect me to let go.

  4. All what was by mr shehu was the absolute truth do you think the fulani are not nigerian. But let me say this will not provide a solution unless we the masses stop tribalism and religious differences placed in debt our hearts. Lets incoperate our selve through our natural differences.

  5. Excuse me where r d 8oo Fulani u claimed killed buried ? But u right bout 1 thing govt/Law enforcements ve not been doing their jobs + politicians r probably escalating dis problems of killings.

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