Gen RK speaks out in captivity 1 360p:the truth about IG

6 months ago

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Gen RK speaks out in captivity 1
PLEASE SEND YOUR SUPPORT DIRECTLY TO GROUND ZERO, AM SICK OF THIS IG, GOD HELP US OH LORD,GEN RK FIRST PHONE CALL AFTER HIS ABDUCTION. “The IG gave the to arrest me and execute me because I buy the idea of the AMF” “I expanded into Mezam and was seen as a threat that is why I was targeted. They are looking for people who have problems against me in other to justify my execution. It should be noted that Gen RK had personal issues with general Amigo which he wanted to be resolved peacefully but it seems officials of the IG exploited that to execute him while hiding behind the fallacious “BOYO county local government or council “. It is illegal and a crime to target people for political reasons. It is a war crime during conflict to execute individuals for falsified reasons. No mandate to govern or rule has been given to any organization by the Ambazonian people or the county citizens. No organization has the exclusive right of representation or governance. We call on Chris Bongam and Pastor John Egowan to release Gen RK and co immediately


The Struggle Continues

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