General Ayekeh; The newly appointed supreme commander, of the "Red Dragons of Lebialem" is "DEAD"

3 months ago

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The newly appointed supreme commander, of the “Red Dragons of Lebialem”, known as, General Ayekeh has been neutralised by Laripoblic terrorists.

General Ayekeh was killed on Thursday, the 21st of march, 2019, when the master camp/base, of the Red Dragons, located in Azi, Lebialem, was raided by Cameroon security forces, at about 4 AM on Thursday morning.

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The Ambazonia Secretary for Communications and IT; Chris Anu, announced that, the Camp of the red dragons in Lebialem, was “encircled” by about 280 Laripoblic troops, who came fresh into Lebialem, at about 4 am.

Two other red dragon fighters, were also, killed alongside General Ayekeh.

The Cameroon security forces also confiscated tons of Dane guns, AK47 ,magazines and locally made weapons.

Military uniforms, boot, a Bee Commando T-shirt, walkie-talkie, telescope and other military materials belonging to General Ayekeh, was also confiscated.

As a reminder, General Ayekeh, was a Cameroun soldier (a well trained BIR Commando), who defected from BIR, to join the Ambazonia struggle.

Commando Ayekeh defected from BIR and joined the Ambazonia defense Forces(ADF). He later defected from ADF and joined the Red Dragons of Lebialem; where he was made the second in Command to Field Marshal, and trainer of new recruits, due to his millitary expertise.

Ayekeh, became the supreme general of the Red Dragons, after Field Marshal, was killed in December, 2018.

May his soul rest in perfect, peace


The Struggle Continues

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