GENERAL IVO of ADF brings out the TRUTH on GZ Ambazonia STRUGGLE 360p

8 months ago

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GENERAL IVO of ADF brings out the TRUTH on GZ – Ambazonia STRUGGLE ,It’s so sad that the IG is the one KILLING this struggle!!! Why did the IG launch an all-out attack against ADF??? Why is the IG fighting ADF instead of fighting LRC??? They have been accusing ADF of attacking other camps but IG is the one who has orchestrated the ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION and ABDUCTION of the Great General RK, an effective, WISE, BELOVED General who has been giving out wise and productive ADVICE to other GZ actors, a TRUE, QUALITY LEADER, a man of INTEGRITY. The IG is CORRUPT, has EMBEZZLED and misused the funds for my-trip-to-Buea. IG has not provided commanders on the ground with the quality weapons they need or even groundnuts. Sako is the figure-head for a bunch of criminals and con-men who are ruining this struggle and are now on the brink of starting an Ambazonian Civil War. HOW SAD!!! NOBODY VOTED THE IG!!! They have no rights to prevent the ADF or other resistant groups from taking part in this struggle. The IG should have been trying to play the ROLE of coordinator between the different groups but look at the MESS they have created instead!!!Thanks very much bro. Ivo. Please don’t be discourage let’s fight for our freedom. Forget the critics and remembered our future children


The Struggle Continues

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