“General” Ivo of ADF is DEAD – My commentary

10 months ago

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This man, Ivo Mbah once said “No man born of a woman can kill me”.. The self-proclaimed “general” Ivo was killed on Fri 21 Dec 2018
Conspiracy theories began flying on social media and WhatsApp groups saying that he had secrets, and he was silenced by Ayaba Cho to keep the secrets from coming out.
His Odeshi evidently didn’t work? Ambazonia so called Generals are falling like flies
General Ashu, DEAD
General RK in captivity
General Tiger DEAD
General Beltus DEAD
General Amigo DEAD
General Ivo, DEAD
General Biabia was shot in the Batibo incident, and then captured by ADF and now I am hearing that maybe he finally died in captivity.

Chris Any put out a Press release, and much more.. Wuna Listen..


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The Struggle Continues

13 thoughts on ““General” Ivo of ADF is DEAD – My commentary”

  1. History will remember ambazonia as having brought death and suffering to anglophone Cameroon because at the end of this wahala, there will be no independence. Cursed be all the people in the diaspora who have radicalized, brainwashed and deceived people back home while they and their families are safe and hiding abroad. At the end of the day even general Ivo was a victim of this madness sustained by empty ranting vessels from abroad. However, ignorance is no excuse for illegally carrying a gun and Ivo paid the ultimately price which is death.

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