“General” Nambere Confirms that Amba Boys (ADF) kidnap students for ransom

6 months ago

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This shocking public confession came on Eric Tataw’s, Facebook live broadcast, on 18 December 2018. The self-proclaimed “General” Nambere of the Ambazonia Security Council (ASC) confirmed that they are aware of the atrocities that Amba boys are committing against our people of Southern Cameroons.

 The truth is finally coming out.
These revelations are coming out because of the civil war going on inside the Facebook Republic of Ambazonia (FAREAMBA).

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On around 13 December 2018, Amba boys from ADC attacked ASC Amba camp in Fako, and 18 Amba boys were killed, and their bodies burnt to hide the truth of the atrocities and infighting.

Two days later, on Saturday 15 December 2018, Amba boys from ADC attacked the ASC Amba camp in Batibo, killing 6, wounding 10 and kidnapped 4.

This was a red line crossed. As a result, everyone has been denouncing the ADF and its leader Ayaba Cho Lucas, and Spokesperson Tapang Ivo Tanku. This is why these Amba Supporters are publicly accepting what has already been widely reported, that AmbaBoys are responsible for thousands of kidnapping for ransom, and especially the heinous Boko Haram style kidnap of 78 students from PSS Nkwen, on 5 November 2018.


Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) Led by Ayaba Cho Lucas.
Amba Security Council (ASC) led by Sako Ikome of the IG.
Southern Cameroons Defence Forces (SOCADEF) led by Ebenezer Akwanga who is another wannabe war lord, residing in the USA.
Other groups include the Sword of Amba, led by “Bell” who resides in China, and AMF, etc.. Too many to count.

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  1. Eric Tawtaw is one of the evil faces of ambazonia. He encouraged kidnapping and garri of school children. Now he is trying to play mr good guy. Every ambazonia activist uses evil tactics because ambazonia does not have the right means to fight LRC forces. Shame to ambazonia.

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