Geography Now! Brazil

3 years ago

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Wow this was a difficult one. Thanks to all the Brazilian Geograpeeps that contacted me and helped out with this video!

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44 thoughts on “Geography Now! Brazil”

  1. I think that the phonetic sound of "Rio de Janeiro" the "DE" is more similar with "THE" or just "D".
    Also, there are many foreign countries that are aiming for the Amazon forest and are destroying it.
    And it's not north (where Bahia is), but northeast. There's no northwest, its north (where Amazonas is)!
    And if there's no sea, there's rivers, there's waterfalls and lakes that can quench the high temperatures, so, yeah, they kind of become beaches…… though not everyone has access…..
    And it wasn't exactly Brazil who invested in Cuba, it was a brazilian company who was doing a service there (like many others around the world that act in foreign countries, like Spain, Japan, +++, Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of engineering in the world).
    Not only some words are different from each region, the way of speaking also varies, like in the US or UK.
    Also, did you know that in winter there are places that snows there~?

  2. Actually, Rio de Janeiro is not pronounced that way. The most common way to pronounce it HEE-oo JEE Zha-NAY-roo( this r spoken like the spanish R), but it can also be pronounced HEE-oo DAY Zha-NAY-roo which is actually more correct but less used.
    Source: I am Brazilian

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