"Geography Now! Eritrea" by @Geography Now | Reaction | Cameroonian YouTuber

2 weeks ago

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We finally get to do ANOTHER Geography Now! video. This time, Eritirea. Wohoo! I learned so much from this one, and I see how the close proximity with Ethiopia makes for a similar heritage, yet the governance and even geography couldn’t be more different.

So much to learn. Barby’s too fast. I may have to slow down these videos next time. lool.

Watch the original video here: https://youtu.be/hA4ZV72wnpI

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The Struggle Continues

12 thoughts on “"Geography Now! Eritrea" by @Geography Now | Reaction | Cameroonian YouTuber”

  1. Hello brother , now this days the last thing I want to know is about the killer,rapest of my people in Tigray .the Eritria dictator Issias .there is much going on since November 4 till now war on the Tigray region .

  2. A lot of context is missing. Picking up rocks or national service, has historical context. It started with good intentions but lost its way. You need to read books on the Armed struggle of Eritrea to understand the country’s true character and how all this came to be. The mantra of self reliance is a big deal and the population prides itself on carrying on with this line of thinking and practice. It did not come out of the blue. If it wasn’t for the collective support of the people the government wouldn’t exist unfortunately the leadership lost its way. I dont think people have issue with national service more so the indefinite aspect of it is ridiculous and it’s badly mismanaged.

  3. I'm Ethiopian so I don't know much about the internal thing but what I know for sure is Ethiopians and Eritreans are brothers and sisters. and after a two decade no war no peace time because of our prime minster Dr. Abiy Ahmed we sign a peace treaty and even Eritrean troops help as with some internal law enforcement issue. and our prime minster win the 2019 Nobel Peace Price for his measure for peace you can react up on it

  4. update is that ethiopia and eritrea have signed a peace treaty in 2018 after ethiopia's new prime minister was elected. the two prime ministers are kinda buddies. also they opened up their borders and ethiopia can now use some of eritrea's ports. but the governments of ethiopia and eritrea have conflict with the tigray region.

  5. The government doesn't alowed any Weasern countries to interfer all in the name of aid and human right unlike other African leaders. That is way, they call him African North koria.

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