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Give me a point why u hate LA republic du cameroun.

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Give me a point why u hate LA republic du cameroun.

Courtesy of… Lilson Tchombe || 2017-01-26 13:40:53

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  1. what type of a useless question is that

  2. Kintang Rene says:

    Madness,if U Hav A Prolem Wt La Repubique U Go And Settle Wt Dem.

  3. Drakke Falks says:

    B cuz de b chop no flop

  4. Song Wisdom says:

    If you hate LA Republic just go meet them don’t include everybody and stop posting nonsense

  5. Bao Saga says:

    We from the southern Cameroon are not killers, but peacemakers, so that post doesn’t resembles us from the south

  6. Because they hate us too

  7. People have different opinions!Allah If I Have The Opportunity To Do That To Biya,Ekema And Other Traitors I Will Do It.I Hate La Republic Because They Hate Me As Twice As I Hate Them

  8. I Cant Persits Loving Someone That Hates Me.I Hate La Republic With All My Heart.

  9. Who is this ogbanje asking this foolish question? Is the reason for hating LA republic not obvious? Nonsense

  10. Steven Jaris says:

    love those who hate u to make heaven

  11. Patience Ndi says:

    I hate them because the hate us.

  12. U got me wrong. J’aime La republique Du Cameroun mais elle me déteste. They hate me. Damn I’m left with no choice but to take them as they come. THE HARD WAY I MEAN

  13. Kin Irine says:

    Na them hate we now so na who di kill who ,?

  14. Did la Republic sampled u sometimes ago

  15. Love ur neighbour as ur self. So no hatred

  16. Ema Dike says:

    na so it get for be

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