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2 years ago

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Should women have the right to go topless… whenever and wherever they want?

If you want to get involved go here: https://www.change.org/p/it-starts-with-you-sex-equal-rights-for-all-share-the-video-sign-the-petition?

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The Struggle Continues

14 thoughts on “Go Topless | UPROXX Reports”

  1. The thing is, tons of women (and gay men) find topless muscular men showing their nipples to be sexy too. And if babies can be allowed to see their moms' nipples, why should nipples be censored in movies for kids? Kids don't give a shit if they see nipples.

  2. There's Sex positive feminists, and there's sex negative feminists.

    All these women want this progressive shit, but they'll have to reevaluate what "sexual harassment" is pertaining to exposed breasts. If you have your tits out, and a guy put his hand on your breast the same way he would put his hand on a man's chest, do you actually have a case for sexual harassment? Is a man touching another man's breast then sexual harassment? No? Yes? Is it based on the intentions? If so, then how can you tell and argue for that in court? Is a man's breast and nipples sex organs and therefore equally harassable as a woman's?

    In order for this to truly work legally, we have to get rid of all double standards,grey areas and slippery slopes and determine clearly what's a sexual organ and reevaluate the standards and boundaries for what's sexual harassment in regards to consentingly exposed breasts to prevent abuse of the law by greedy women looking to sue anyone for even rubbing up against your now free tits.

    The underlying philosophy behind this seems to be cultural relativism and the idea that "nudity" is a social construct of some sort.

  3. Also 3:32 scared the fuck outta me because she's essentially saying parents should brainwash their kids to this philosophy and teach them to "unlearn" the standards and dogma society has now in regards to women's breasts. Cult tactics.

    These people always want to target innocent kids first with their beliefs because they know children are easier to brainwash and program.

  4. It's sad women can't even breastfeed in public without people, including other women, judging them for it and calling it "gross" when it should be one of the most natural things in the world.

    I don't see why we can't free the nipple, I think very quickly it would lose its mystique and people would hardly be shocked anymore

  5. Another special snowflake want. These SJW don't care about the real issues they only want features like; Gender fluid bathrooms, no race/gender campus areas, and any gender being able to go shirtless.

    Its fucking depressing

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