Good morning my brothers As we pray today we should ask God to guide us to a better future. I bame…

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----------> Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------
Good morning my brothers

As we pray today we should ask God to guide us to a better future.
I bamenda use this opportunity to ask ourselves to think carefully ask personally questions. How long do I need to stand still to break down? I am bamenda I am you. I am standing in the heat but good people like us talk of the whole not just me. If not me will never be accepted by the whole. Is human nature.

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Strike are legitimate way of voicing our problems but how far do we need to go for the enemy to understand?

Ask ourselves are we really together or we are together in theory not in practice. What of the have not looking up to you the have a penny to bring fruits to all. Can you really deliver. Can’t your mind judge you the have penny happily taking you wages monthly and looking on the poor farmers you are holding hostage.

We should pray God upon our eyes our brains to be able to read about similar situations around the world to see a safe passage.

My brothers and sisters we are better than this we can achieve better only if we really understand the world of today. The lord of the land is guiding us but why are we heading the wrong path?

It is not easy to rewind history but only if we can be impartial in learning from it can we really achieve the best for all. We are the human who created the mess and only the human will clean it. Rise up my brothers join me let start cleaning it.

When the enemy of which some are willing to help see our good work we will become the saviours of the land. That is the independence of the modern day.

God blessed us.

Cameroon united front
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The Struggle Continues

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