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Gospel Bible Songs – Down by the riverside [with lyrics]

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  1. leanonme says:

    thanks for posting

  2. bagofbarn says:


  3. harry booker says:


  4. Mc Hobbit says:

    Token white kids? LOL

  5. Caitlyn Wyss says:

    I learned this awesome song in music today.!!. Great song to learn..

  6. Lamentations-1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians/Esther/Ruth/Micah/HABAKKUK

  7. priiiimo song thumbs up

  8. Campbell says:

    I. Like. The. Jesus

  9. MrDanoconnor says:

    Absolutely Fantastic! Beautiful Song with a Powerful Lesson for Young and Old alike.
    Godspeed, DanO'

  10. James Rasco says:

    I love this song is amazing song

  11. Smash 4 God says:

    I like the piano version better…

  12. Amanda Carey says:

    Wish they had an instrumental version without the vocals.

  13. Amanda Carey says:

    Otherwise this song is so awesome and upbeat, that I use it as the 2 minute song (with my own made up lyrics to the tune all credit for the song goes to Cedarmont Kids. THEIR SONG, MY MADE UP LYRICS!), to brush my teeth with. I'm able to "breathe sing" it, while I'm brushing my teeth!

  14. Amanda Carey says:

    Also, if you guys get the Cedarmont Kids 100 Sing-along bible songs for kids, like I did for my birthday, the song "Down By The Riverside" that's on disc 1? I've got awesome news for you! If you like this version from Gospel Bible Songs, like I LOVE it, then you've just bought the RIGHT DVD! I checked it, and it IS the one from Gospel Bible Songs! Woo hoo! : D

  15. I remembered near the end of the song that the kids were taking off their shoes to cross the river.

  16. It's cool how they do hand motions.

  17. Annie Boo says:

    the. word. of. god

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