"Green RainBoots LeBialem Dragons Struggle Corruption Too Much"(Enjoying While They Die")Then Stop!!

3 months ago

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The Soldiers of Lebialem complain of too much corruption in the Southern Cameroon struggle…They are on the battle field dying while others are enjoying abroad with all the money contributed…That is what i have been saying Drop the Cry die Guns you are using to go fight the Cameroon/LRC military that has sophisticated weapons that what you all are holding there…Or remain in the bushes dying like flies while they continue to enjoy like they said…or better still they who you are talking to come and join you all wear the same green rainboots and hold the same guns and fight together if they do not come join on GZero stop fighting and taking bullets for them…Their children are sleeping on comfortable beds, eat well and going to good schools while you all are not all the name of Struggle…Just hear their Language!! Terrible


The Struggle Continues

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