Gunmen kill 1 pupil, abduct some 40 people in north Nigeria

2 weeks ago

#Gunmen have attacked a school in #Nigeria’s north-central Niger State, killing at least one student and abducting more than 40 people including students and teachers. Heavily-armed gangs known locally as “bandits” in northwest and central Nigeria have stepped up attacks in recent years, #kidnapping for ransom, raping and pillaging. FRANCE 24’s International Affairs Editor Armen Georgian tells us more.

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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Gunmen kill 1 pupil, abduct some 40 people in north Nigeria”

  1. Buhari is a dump head president. All he want is to become president without any clue of his job. Many of this guys committing atrocities are from Niger and Libya. If anyone trying to fight back to protect themselves buhari will get them arrested or jailed them and he always set the criminal free or ask them to join the Nigerian army. Every part of Nigeria Country has been invaded by the foreign fulani's and uptil today Buhari never come out straight to condemned it or find any solution. He thought it's just to spend tax payers money make him a president. He can't read and he doesn't even understand how to address his citizens. What a Nation in the hand of clueless man like Buhari. We need urgent help please. Shame on you all Nigerian politicians.

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