1. Mr President i am sorry to tell you that i disagree with idea that accountability should not be given and that we should keep contributing and not ask for feedback. How can you compare us to LRC by saying that they spend 6 billion CFA without giving accountability. Sir we are not LRC.

    We would not contribute without any form of accountability which can enable us see the results on the ground. That's why i think it is better to donate to counties rather than the IG.

    I think the county leaders should focus on the military strategy while the IG focuses on diplomacy and public relations in order to make the world aware of our struggle by publicizing the pictures and videos of the killings.

    We are in war and we need swift actions, defence and response to the enemy actions. We must improve our delivery networks so that resources quickly reach ground zero.

    Please Mr President be faster in your actions and please make thunder occur in LRC as fast as possible, if not LRC would not take us serious.

  2. u should open yr mouth well n speak because when u where not in that post u use to shout better than this. U discredit the IG by not giving financial accountability especially mytribtobuea.

  3. My honest recommendstion is that when it comes to military or war actions, let ambazonians bypass the IG and work directly with the various amba groups on ground zero in order to to make actions faster and more result oriented.

    To be candid with you people, i am deeply convinced that the IG has no reliable strategy nor workable solution to stop the elections from holding on ground zero in ambazonia. I don't see this govt delivering any concrete action before the 7th of october 2018. Support the amba groups. They are the ones who can act swiftly and effectively and not bureaucrats feeding us with speeches after speeches with no concrete results.

    Bureaucracy works with diplomacy and not war which we are currently facing.

  4. Mr president i want to categorically tell you that you are a failure to this revolution and incapable of prosecuting this revolution, you are not qualify to be a revolutionary leader, i think it is high time the IG be dissolve and restructured, all you do is empty speeches, in fact you are super confused and no governor shall be appointed by the IG

  5. President sisiku must be crying in prison to hear you play this nonsense games of fighting for leadership crazy nonsense role while Ambazonians are dying on gz, u lost it Sir and i think you have finally join Chris Anu to ruin the IG entirely with this scamming schemes, no more contribution to any group, thieves, where is mytriptobuea money, we have already acknowledged county by county model and its governors not appointed by the IG

  6. What i realizes about you is that, you and your IG team are very very very incompetent and you only capitalize on other peoples ideas and try to change it from its original and workable form to useless ones, for example Canada conference manipulated and brought to USA, now you want to manipulate county by county and turn it to a useless local by local shit, sir we are not stupid

  7. I really can not believe that anglophones are listening and expecting these so called leaders to take them anywhere, leadership does not arise from nowhere can you only tell me since when these people are known by you,
    can you telle me what those people did to convince you
    what risk have they ever taken for you
    they tell you to leave school and go in the bush to wait for the good and better school to come ( but they are not with you, and their children are saved, yours are made soldiers to die)
    they rush to form a governement so that they can hear the sound of '' president'', minister of states ''etc,,, just like all these dictators and thieves power seekers and still your money
    They know that you can trust them not for their value but for the fact that they live abroad and they can talk as if they are worthy
    for how long have you known them not long for sure
    they tell you that things will soon be fien, LET THEM TELL YOU WHEN … this fight can not last less than 30 years let s nobody lie you and it is not sure that they win…
    So for the next 30 years you will be staying in the bush , you kids will get old without education , and if they happanned to win, you and all your familly will be there to clean the roads and beg for what to eat to those leaders familly since they are going to school with their famillies
    Dear anglophone, this is not a joke think about your future and the way to fight your freedom

    in Tchad, Debi Idriss won the fight risking his life, in soudan they always were there to fight and they always risk their life, in south africa, Nelson Mandela was there to fight in Angola, Savimbi was there for 40 years to Fight , Mugabe was there to fight for years etc… all the leaders you have are not leaders
    Vote for the leaders in ground zero , the ones leaving with you and adapting the fight to your conditions on the ground, and take money from any bank to fuell your revolution don t expect money from thieves etc,,,
    I am not Ambazonian and I am not for cessesion Iam franco … But I am tired of seieng ''my people'' die

  8. be it Boh hebert or any of you, I do not understand that this is september and you have no alternatives for southen cameroun to study , you just do not care about occupiying kids so that they can flee from evil you just do not care about the faith of people staying in ground zero you just talk , a real leader will fight the real fight
    1– looking for the best school system anywhere in the world and make it available for the students to stay home and be educated online
    2– , you should have by this time set printers and photostating equipement everywhere in Amba for kids to print online courses ,
    3– you should have been in deep negotiations with cameroon opposition to see if you can save the lifes of your citizens in case you help them to win elections

    Instead of all thes, the stupidity and selfishness you diaspora share make you to be more concentrated in keeping biya in power by providing him with victory in the elections, you only think of having more deaths without been able to tell them when they will go back home
    remember that if the governement can not control the ground, nobody can it is easy to bomb from the air like in angola and make life impossible for ever so do not tell lies to people you can not have control on the ground you only say it because you are not concerned by the suffering

  9. Sako step up the game and stop trying to downplay the efforts of the activists ,you and your IG should work up to the level of the activists,we don't need hegemonic government in this struggle for now.

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