23 thoughts on “H.E.DR.SAMUEL SAKO addresses the nation of AMBAZONIA[SOUTHERN CAMEROONS]”

  1. Thanks our able President, we look forward to see you and all good faith leaders in this struggle to liberate our native land Ambazonia. We have lost so many souls on daily basis and I pray this should end.

  2. Excellent speech.
    1) Is there any Ambazonian intelligence Agency? If not, I think that the IG should create it.
    2) Try to increase your presence in foreign countries(that are not friends of Paul Biya and his country)media, parliaments……..
    3) Seek for public and/or private military supports, finance….
    4) Training of Amba boys/girls in foreign countries if need be.
    5) Recruitment of several thousands of Amba boys/girls.
    6) Intensification of attacks on the exploitation of Ambazonia resources(CDC, SONARA, Brasseries, timber trucks…….) by the colonial regime.
    7) Identification and continuous disruptions of the pipelines through which the colonial regime steals crude oil from Ambazonia to Chad. The Chadian and French soldiers are fighting along side with the colonial regime.
    8) Creation of Ambazonia education boards.
    9) Creation of Ambazonian navy that needs to be launching surprise attacks(from afar with fire…….)at the colonial war ships and boats in Ambazonian territorial waters.
    10) If resources permit all the Amba boys/girls should have monthly salary.

  3. Please sue the government of Cameroon, Paul Biya, members of his government, military officials….for the continuous genocide, atrocities, burning of hundreds of villages, schools, murdering of students taken from libraries, assassination of the American missionary….there're documented evidence and even international organizations have some proof. Millions of Ambazonians are willing to contribute money to take that terrorist, genocidal, inhuman and barbaric government and its officials to court.

  4. Look at this mafia boss talking. A fool who has no idea or competency in accountability and transparency. Even on simple things like humanitarian assistance to ambazonians. You must resign if you do not have the competency to do your work. You do not have the knowledge and experience to lead us ambazonians. You must be accountable. If human life means nothing to you, it does to us. I will forever criticize you and the IG as being corrupt and incpmpetent until you demonstrate accountabiliyy and trust. Ambazonia cannot fight a corrupt Biya regime and at the same time pave the way for another corrupt government.

  5. You say in your speech… think of the refugees in Nigeria.. but what have you done to help them? Yes i know what you did to the refugees…you embezzled the funds destined to them. See how shy you were in this speech when talking about the money of my trip to Buea.

    You also mentioned that we ambazonia gave you the mandate to lead us. Point of correction: we ambazonians did not give you any mandate nor elected you. You were imposed upon us. So stop saying that you represent us. You don't represent us but we can allow you speak about our problems to the world. So take note of the choice of words you use when talking about your legitimacy.

  6. Stop promising things you cannot deliver. Stop making people dream in vain like you did with my Trip to Buea. Now you say 2019 wpuld be a year whereby self defence would become more offensive thsn defensive. Do you have the resources to fo this? No you dont. You keep pushing poorly armed boys to be killed by LRC well armed soldiers. If human life means nothing to you and the IG management, take note that we the ambazonians would turn on you people. Wait and see. Foolish amateur incompetent leaders, pushing innocent children to death.

  7. I support the fact that you reminded French Cameroon that we are British Southern Cameroonians and not Cameroonians. In addition, i like your courageous stands and clear message to French cameroon and francophones as a whole that…we are not afraid of any court suing or scare tactics using the law. We are defending ourselves and we never initiated the war. LRC and corrupt Biya and his regime did.

    I also support the fact that you have not endorsed the socalled Cryptocurrency issue. That's not what we want now. Moreover, we do not have any solid foundation to properly execute that. Money at this point will only bring more division than unity. What we need is accountability and transparency that fosters unity, trust and determination towards resisting the oppressor La Republic du Cameroun.

  8. We need a well designed documentary on the anglophone crisis and shoen across global media houses and social media. You claim to have a PhD. If true, i think that this should have been the very first project you should have adopted. Sad that some people dont seem to understand that you must educate the people and the world about a crisis before you get down to the arms struggle phase. Awareness is the first victory and a long lasting victory and not war. Do more to create such educative documentaries about this conflict. I keep repeating this over and over, same as the aspect of accountability and transparency.

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