“Hakuna Matata” Stolen by Disney! #TrademarkWars

5 months ago

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Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-get-disney-to-reverse-their-trademark-of-hakuna-matata

Disney has stollen the popular catchphrase “Hakuna Matata” from the African people and in fact they trademarked way back as 2004. A brother from Zimbabwe started a petition to get the name Back from. Disney. At the time of recording this show there were 50,000 signatures.

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As we release it today, the Petition to get “Hakuna Matata” back from Disney has reached 160,000 people and counting. Pls consider adding your name to this petition! https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-get-disney-to-reverse-their-trademark-of-hakuna-matata

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The Struggle Continues

47 thoughts on ““Hakuna Matata” Stolen by Disney! #TrademarkWars”

  1. Had a white girl tell me the maasai blanket she was wrapped it at the bus station is from her "culture" her momma brought it for her when she turned 16. When I explained what the blanket was oh boy did she get offended. Because her parents were missionaries and they worked in Kenya(she was born in the U.S brought to Kenya at 4) Preaching her life story😕claimed to be African while I'm not😂. I told her a DNA test will clear up your confusion baby girl. Then she culturally appropriated the phase"I'm not african because I was born in africa but because africa was born in me". Chile you european though🤔🙃. I'm just going to excuse her because she could be on opioids. Her damn friend was no better.

  2. Throughout American history so many African Americans invented so many products in America and their White bosses took the credit for them which gives the White thieves and their off springs monetary residuals for life. In 1963 when my grandmother bought a Brownstone in Brooklyn New York she had to get her white friend to secure the loan and pay her White friend because Black People weren't allowed to have Bank loans. Once again at the mercy of the White man. Africa and its people need to be more Vigilant and less accepting and naive. The world loves African culture but not African People and Black African people need to understand that. 🌍💜👊🏾💪🏾

  3. We are worldwide PRISONERS OF WAR.. the first problem wss when they stolebthe ROOTS child birth naming ceremony. .you don't understand the System of WHITE SUPREMACY that is Racism then anything else you think you understand will only confuse you!


  5. Where do I sign this petition… these African inventors.. people that make/ create things no matter how big or small better wake up and start putting their names and seek patents…We all know these heathens will steal your underwear while you're wearing them then swear up/ down that those underwear belong to them.

  6. Just the same way African spirituality which was copied from the walls of Egypt which the original name was " KEMET" was plagiarized and repackage back to us under the guise of Christianity, Muslim and Judaism. Through slavery and colonizers. Blacks throughout the world needs to wake up and really become their brother and sister's keepers. I'm a black woman from the Caribbean

  7. The WS at Disney is just following the playbook. Everything they have they stole. Dr. Nancy Yuen told me that they’re the only culture on earth that have no culture. So they steal everyone else culture and language. We have to call them out and not let ANYONE steal from our culture ever again.

  8. It seems nonblack cultures must be so boring and uninteresting that everything we have they want or want to emulate, from Black American culture to the motherland, nonblacks just seem to love stealing from black people, I don't know what it is. Maybe their culture has a huge void, which drives them to do this or maybe just plain envy.

  9. We here in the USA told you this was going on all the time. This is why we have advanced to pure madness. Whites/Europeans have no morals when it comes wanting to make money or controling anything. How do they enforce this BS? Killing the Africans that do speak it?

  10. We are a easy target for these people they are trying to take away the spirit of are people this is more then just words of a people they are still useing the Bible for there empowerment and have been allowed to do this for centuries and when we don’t say anything it makes it easier for them these people need are spirit and resources to more than servive and they know it and it can’t go on I know it won’t last but we are gonna have to find a way to fight and ask are Heavenly Father how we can fight them and stop these nations from stealing from us even here in America there plans must start to fail and we have to be stronger then are enemies both spiritually and physically it makes me very angry about what these people are doing every nation counts on us for resources and even in the spiritual world they count on us to remain spiritually poor to keep us from are Heavenly Father cause if we united they would die out we can’t keep on the aragants of these nations when they know how they got there wealth and there banks and any other resource they know it’s not because there great warriors or they are so smart or even hard workers they counted on each nations downfall and are Heavenly Father for what they got we know that they are not supper hero’s or all powerful we need to understand that may yah and yeshua bless us all spiritually to be stronger and stronger with grace and mercy to all of us and may we stay with are father and his son to the end

  11. That will show you that the white people have no ancestors or culture. What pains me is they right the think was given to them to own the world, and rule people. This people are thieves be it Chinese Japanese what ever that were not led by Moses. You are talking about the cloth, the blue and red what about the Igbo tradition akwa ette the white wrapper with horizontal strips the people that call themselves Jews take very preciously as if they got it from god. That wrapper is made for the virgin girls unmarried yet. They use to put that cloth around their waist with what we call jigida, the red bids enough to cover their genital during their first mensuration. The Mother will be watch till that period every girls of that time must put that attire, cover their breast before 6 a.m they will all run to the river to bath then come back dress with same kind with that bid and dance in the public to show that they are matured to marry. Now because of white people and the snake, they don't do it again but we still have it anytime for traditional show e.g the Nigeria Igbo movies.
    Does it end their form me? What about my last name they use as business, ball playing association NBA and their business name Mba. It's has been long they claimed that name, at first i did not know what it is for, on the sign boards not until after my marriage when i was forced to change surname because Italians would not allow a black person to have their name, as if it is important, then i went come, did ever document with my signature, and that of my, come to Italy, waited for 3 years, to find out that i am dragging my ancestral name with white people this was how they stole the act of the man who came from my country to be jesus to day.
    My last name no longer valid but their M.B.A yes. They took their own from the last name of my Father Olumba Olumba Obu that is why they business will go down. the fortune and wealth was permitted by African GOD they will know that as time goes on.
    For your information China has stolen some elephants from Africa growing them they will come and kill our own and show us their own as the real one. Tell me do elephant grow in an ice country, what a punishment for these African animals?

  12. * What * are they not stealing from us? Even our organs being stolen! They steal our land, our phase, our people, etc.
    GIVE US BACK HAKUNA MATATA! Its not a cultural appropriation, it's robbery!

  13. Get a life!!! What bullshit! It comes from years ago. Retief de la Rey wrote books and books in Afrikaans with lots of stories about lions in South Africa during ZAR 1897. STOP LYING TO THE BLACK PEOPLE!

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