Hall of Shame: Uncovering the Underpinning Ruse in Cameroun Gov't's Report on the Ngarbuh Massacre!

3 months ago

The government of genocidal dictator Paul Biya has released a report of its own commission of inquiry into the Ngarbuh Massacre of February 14, 2020. In the report, the criminal gang does not only refuse to truly name perpetrators of the exaction, they go ahead to prescribe very ridiculous remedial measures. The shock is also that the report is not made public by the commission that conducted the research, it is done by the secretary general at the presidency. Normally, the Commission ought to present these findings in a public press conference in the presence of rights organizations, the national and international media, so that they would take questions on its perceived shortcomings and provide answers. At the end of the day, the report is a ruse and a distraction. Watch on.


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “Hall of Shame: Uncovering the Underpinning Ruse in Cameroun Gov't's Report on the Ngarbuh Massacre!”

  1. LRC knows that the international community cannot do anything. They are wasting time…it wouldn't work this time bunch of old beti lunatics .never again.Ashu Nyenti na idiot.

  2. LRC was built on deceptions, lies, injustice, discrimination, tribalism, fear, torture, force disappearances, extra-judicial killings, corruption, selfishness, manipulation, ineptitude, incompetence, and authoritarian system.

  3. Comrade John Mbah Akuroh u just left out one more serious case of the genocide the military massacred hundreds of people in Bali village Northern zone nd throw acidee chemicals on their bodies to decay in 2018. Paul Biya 'll not succeed in his cover-up scheme. An international investigation must be carryout in this genocide taken place in Southern Cameroon now.

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