Happy birthday daddy

1 year ago

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Happy birthday daddy

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The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Happy birthday daddy”

  1. Great people are born on February Happy birthday papa Paul.. I wish to leave long like you the only president who have received all the insults in this world all dead wishes but still remains strong like an eagle. Papa God created you well

  2. Hahahahaha,photoshop na de order of the day. Three major events took place today that directly concerns yet he was no where to be found. Was he sleeping and could attend his confirmation as the presidential candidate in lrc this year,his birthday that was supposed to breaking news for crtv was no longer news,the reception of a high profile commonwealth official.

  3. Happy birthday to you Mister Dictator. Even Mobutu though he was immortal. If you really love your country you should release like Mugabe just did. With your 85 years old I think you just eat and take a nap everyday. Physically, I don’t really know what you can afford right now to change your country.

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