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Happy birthday daddy

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Happy birthday daddy

Courtesy of… Yvonne Njoka || 2018-02-13 20:14:34

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  1. Great people are born on February Happy birthday papa Paul.. I wish to leave long like you the only president who have received all the insults in this world all dead wishes but still remains strong like an eagle. Papa God created you well

  2. Mbin don die for this demon.Just flashing this innocent prostitute

  3. Are you really stupid as you look?

  4. May you die and be forgotten

  5. Happy birthday my beloved ruler n more power to ur elbow

  6. How many nso people have died already? Stupid boy

  7. Tita Toby says:

    Hahahahaha,photoshop na de order of the day. Three major events took place today that directly concerns yet he was no where to be found. Was he sleeping and could attend his confirmation as the presidential candidate in lrc this year,his birthday that was supposed to breaking news for crtv was no longer news,the reception of a high profile commonwealth official.

  8. Nji Ernest says:

    Hmmmm even Brenda biya no get this picture chai wona chop for this wona media war

  9. Happy birthday to you Mister Dictator. Even Mobutu though he was immortal. If you really love your country you should release like Mugabe just did. With your 85 years old I think you just eat and take a nap everyday. Physically, I don’t really know what you can afford right now to change your country.

  10. Shey Edmond says:

    Don’t worry you just have but 15 to rich 100years pa

  11. Na which mortuary dis occasion dey

  12. Cant u see that he looks more younger here than he was in the 10th during his speech? Or did he go into his mother’s womb last night and was re-born

  13. Tekom Mbah says:

    Most Recent Pic No Dey ?

  14. How can a celebration go on in the absence of a celebrant…..Thats the aspect which these octagenarians see the slogan ” L’ impossible ne Pas…..”

  15. He knew he’ll die, so he did this last year just like the 11 Feb speech 🤣🤣🤣. Look at the pic, there’s no “live” written. 😂😂😂😂

  16. Mus Nestor says:

    Hahahha Cameroon government don confuse o.

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