Here is a summary of what the anglophone news readers in Cameroun woke up to read today

11 months ago

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Francophones known that they have destroyed Cameroun and know that southern cameroonians see them as thieves. Now they have used this news report about this man here to “over there they are all like that” To make themselves relaxed that they are not the only ones, they are now saying anglophones are also frauds and thieves. They cite Ekema as the descent example. They also point to Inoni Ephraim, a former prime minister as an enforcer of theft. How can one challenge this.
How many francophones in the public service have Genuine certificates. Ekema is unveiled cuz anglophones hate fraud. Is it a francophone that made known he has fake documents?that’s a sign we are transparent.what did Ephraim Inoni do? Who is the father of sparrow hawk. Its him and he was hurrily locked up cuz his instrument was doing a great job. Could he have launched sparrow hawk if he knew he is a criminal too? How many anglophones are in detention compared to them?


The Struggle Continues

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