45 thoughts on “Hidden Hand in Cameroon Violence?”

  1. No ambazonia signed away wealth. Individuals can sign what ever they want to get rich but only 15m people of southern cameroonians own our wealth aka ambazonia. Cameroun doesnt own it no body but us

  2. Mumbi you re sooo wrong. Southern cameroons is already independent since 1961.okay and its not of any kilimanjaro deal i have the UNGA INDEPENDENCE HERE I CAN POST IT BUT YOUR FB VIDEO DONT ALLOWS

  3. The say if they control the oil,the bank,the museum,and the post office they control the people and yet we manage to flee away from that spell and been living through all natural means to keep us together and now they coming up with ways to get ride and divide us…..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™please be careful of the deals and negotiations you're engaging in because it is not just for you alone,its for the WHOLE PLANET๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

  4. Dr Mumbai. Just saw a video about Zambia. It is said the Zambia sell or ship to China precious metals tax free. How is this possible no country in the would does this. My sister what is going on I have Hugh headache. Please explain. If this is true China has to leave the whole continent of Africa because the others are doing it too.

  5. If you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it. Don't forget it was initially the Catholic church that was carting of African resources. Then it was Christian organizations which is why ministers like Pat Robertson and Jim Baker owned shares in diamond mines. Today its the NGOs. This is the same hustle of the West and Biafra in Nigeria. Look how much of a struggle it has been for Nigeria to keep its pipelines and refineries functional because of attacks. Of course the split in Sudan was about oil as well with one part getting the oil. Even in Kenya Israel and the US are likely behind the attack at the mall a few years ago. There's a pipeline I think that was proposed at the time to get oil out of Uganda and shipped out of Kenya. I believe either Kenya signed with the Chinese or were strongly favoring the Chinese. I just recall coverage of this stuff and the announcement of China. it wasn't two weeks later, they were killing people in the mall. The one thing that all these instances have in common is the children of all these countries who like so many corrupt leaders are willing to take the lives and resources of their fellow countrymen, just to be the big men and women. We can talk about the Western powers and China and everybody else but as long as they can kind these weak minded traitors who are willing to be puppets, they will always have an in. This is why the Chinese have firing squads because they believe in maintaining loyalty and discouraging treachery. However on their Western borders guess who's trying to destabalize the country. Muslims under the influence of terrorist organizations again likely controlled by the West just like Nigeria is facing. Start putting traitors to death and stop allowing the West to control that narrative and this will stop. Besides when African countries allow their soldiers to be trained by their enemies and we keep seeing these same soldiers eventually overthrow their home countries or at least attempt it, you have to wonder how serious African leaders are about security. Sad.

  6. This is absolutely lies by Biya surrogates to pain the southern Cameroonians black, who were those involved in this deal because the southern Cameroon interim government was form in 2017 and i have never heard of such a deal, this is lies, this revolution started with lawyers, teachers and civil society organization demanding for their right and what Biya did is continuous killings until we were face with no option than to defend ourselves

  7. Dr. Mumbi. Compare the petroleum fields with "outbreaks of disease on the people" before the lands were sold. There could be collusion for the government to enlist vaccines, and the people they are getting them from, have STOCKS in the developement of the lands and have the "tainted vaccines" to start the epidemic or pandemic to eliminate the people off the land as they did the Native American here. Compare the business with the death areas and see if TMH hasn't told me to tell you this. I really believe the hidden hand, isn't so hidden, but just playing deadly tricks for the board room development of African lands and minerals, even if they have to kill you slowly to do so.

  8. We need a black american para-military unit making clandestine moves. Biya is just a puppet of the French. We have seen so called tough leaders crumble when faced with equal weaponry. For example, Saddam.

  9. The arrest of the leaders in Nigeria was a conniving game by Macron, Biya and the Buhari governments using "a negotiation meeting with the UN " to kidnapped the leaders and not an oil deal nonsense. please madam Biya has block all human right organizations and even the so called UN from all form of investigation so that he could sent his surrogates to spread lies

  10. Who are the "cheerleaders" trying to cause mistrust, when they knew they have to get the leader out, crash the stability and collect as "heroes." SSDD.
    BeWiseAs the snake, check and double check, hell triple check using key words to seek the rabbit hole to go into to find the hidden hand. American Veterans will help you to keep up. They publish. Check or sign up to Veteran'sToday.com they always are poking down that hole and pulling all the rabbits out in sunlight, but be careful. The saacha faal is fake news.

  11. WE have read it, who do you think took it viral back in 2004? There are also corporate ticks that work for the competitors and suck the life out the nation's company or business from inside while being paid a wage on both sides. Spying on ideas, inventions and conversation. They always spy. Get some scanners for your government offices and a good ITT security person to protect state business. Check the Blaqspot.com employment sections for our family with skills in ITT. It's time to take our skilled workers out their sinful system by hiring them and giving them a way out this nation here. Also do border checks for people sneaking in on your docking shores. When you put the crooks on security/enemy in charge of your protection, they will protect themselves. Time to team up family on both continents. WE can discuss the petty later, right now, skynet is in place and tech robots will soon be used. They are outnumbered and they want to set it off. This is a snare. Their gear/clothing has many features like infrared, and breathing apparatus that is hard to breech. They have a screen inside that has a bullet proof face shield, no need for the human eye, when the chipped head and AI are connected. They have robotic dogs, mosquitos, frogs, and birds, humming birds as well as weaponized drones. Don't you think it's time to pray on that protection now? Still stay focused on their clawing hands but check and recheck and recheck again any and ALL contracts or loan agreements. There should have been a 40 year payback clause.

  12. Thank you Dr Mumbi. You are a good person. Thank you as you take time to found out the truth. As you may notice, there is no tribal crisis. There is no problem between francoph7ones and anglophones. Cameroon will suround this crisis. After elections, everytjing will be right.

  13. Madam Mumbi, Thank you for plenty this blowout.

    You can't believe the level of tension we're currently experiencing. There's a drive for a civil war to break out so that the country can be divided. The irony with our own "freedom fighters" is that their principal preys are us, those they claim to fight for. Biya is very useless but has his qualities, especially when you compare him with some of his Francophone peers ruling in other countries.

    What your contact told you is absolutely true. Thank you for the frankness.

  14. Hi Dr Mumbi the story about Killimanjaro is fake news. The company does not exist. It was fabricated way back by Biya himself to instigate the war in English speaking Cameroon, please youโ€™re complicating the matter by airing it as if it is real news and true when it isnt. Youโ€™re ignoring the fact that Biya has completely marginalised Anglophone Cameroonians, thrown our leaders and intellectuals into prison and razed villages to the ground. People are fighting back because they have no choice with their backs against the wall. I wish you didnโ€™t help to push this false narrative as youโ€™ve just been conned into using false information to justify the killings of innocent civilians in Cameroon

  15. Dr Mumbi I want to thank you very much for standing up to be counted and putting up this fight against western liberalism which has been set up to destroy the traditional African family. You are right to say that most of the western NGO's in Africa are there for a sinister agenda to smash the black family just like they have done in America. I am yet to see a western NGO that is building up the African family. God is using you to really wake us up. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER.

  16. How would AU handle this? What laws and policies are being put in place? 100 year leases; mineral rights for how many years???? WTHeck! Stop be still let God, common sense and wisdom set in. Peace.

  17. Thanks for being the voice of the oppressed and voiceless Dr Mumbi. But please your analysis of this ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia is not true.Ambazonian leaders were not arrested during a meeting with any oil company.They were in a meeting to look into the living conditions of the Ambazonian refugees in Nigeria. Their adoptions were planned by france and the crooked UN because they want the natural riches of the Southern Cameroons

    Again, no weapons were chanelled through Nigeria because the Restoration forces resisting the biya troops are using hunting dane guns.Please try and get your facts straight cuz the crises wasn't in anyway initiated by an external force, but a pilled up anger in a failed attempt to completely colonized the former English Southern Cameroons by the franch cameroons

    Ambazonian lawyers, teachers and civil society organisations started the strike actions against marginalizations, the dehumanising treatment of Anglophones by the francophones on their own land etc.Ambazonians rose up because biya handled the peaceful protest with a very heavy hand, arresting, killing, maming, torturing, and raping women and girls with impunity.biya was on a mission to kill or francophonise anything or any institutions in the Anglophone section of the country, but the people rose up with one voice and said enough is enough, and we want our former independent Southern Cameroons of 1st October 1961 back.Remember there were two separate Cameroons that wanted to formerly unite, but the process wasn't completed because Ahidjo, the former president of french cameroun simply marched his troops into the Southern Cameroons and annexed them without signing any formal treaty of union with the Southern Cameroons, that's why no ONE CAN PRODUCE ANY TREATY OF UNION because till date there isn't any.
    biya single handedly changed the name of the country from united republic of cameroon to la republique du cameroun completing the existing annexation process launched by the former president of french cameroun Amadu Ahidjo.

    Please all these kilimanjaro oil company bla bla bla are polished half backed stories from biya's gang members or sympathizers, especially from those hand picked Anglophones willing to be sell outs and feed on the blood of their own people.

    They've tried everything possible to give the genuine demand of freedom by the Anglophones a bad name and blame it on external forces inorder to attract sympathy and support to their genocidal mission in Ambazonia.Please let the world come to our aid now or live to regret if at all anyone cares, cuz the rate at which biya is murdering innocent and unarmed civilians is simply unbearable and unthinkable.

    We simply want our country back, and please this is a genuine demand and desire of the Ambazonian people with no strings attached.We simply want to live freely on our own land, and freedom is all we want

  18. Walky Eloudour. We are enemies and must never lived together till the ends of time. Because of this french cameroun satanist paul biya war upon our people okay take you broth er hood to yourself
    I wont hesitate putting a hole in your head because i kniw french cameroun citizens thought process and world view. These,are hardcore criminals faymen by birth no gentlemen except southern cameroonians

  19. Mumbi. Izreal.usa france all gives weaoons to paul biya for 36 urs in return for southern cameroons oil in bakassi and total. And perenco off shore. Are french rothschikds oil drilling in southern cameroons territory. Okay and thats not southern cameroonians. You fool mumbi. Last 3 month uk new age energy. Signed a contract in london with who? Paul biya for 1.5B. Gaz exploration on not cameroun territory where biya is president. But where paul biya isnt president in southrtn cameroons. You see. You mumbi
    You can google southern cameroons .uk new age energy. Biya himself is tge biggest pupoet master in afrika. Okay. Dr mumbi is a fake news dont follow her

  20. I'm an advocate of your news chanel Dr Mumbi, but i don't agree with you on this one.Cameroon isn't one country, but two very distintive entities.

    Southern Cameroons ( Ambazonians) got their independence from britain on the 1st of October 1961, when french cameroun was already an independent country from france with their map, flag and boundaries at the UN since the 1st of January 1960.There is no legal unity treating between the two Cameroons, cuz french cameroons simply moved their military and annexed the English Cameroons in complicency with this gang of thieves called the united nations and britain after the so called Foumban conference that was meant to discuse proporsals for a possible future legal union between the two Cameroons.
    There're existing documents at the UN showing that an overwhelming number of countries voted for the independence of the Southern Cameroons.Please help us ask what happened to that independence results and why it wasn't implemented.

    Ambazonians are not asking for separation, because we're legally not in any union with french cameroun.We're simply asking for the restoration of our stolen independence and statehood

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