Himalayan Institute Sponsors Cameroonian Runners – TV 13

10 years ago

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Thanks to a connection to the Himalayan Institute community center in Kumbo, Cameroon, four Cameroonian runners have been sponsored to compete in the Boston Marathon, the first athletes from Cameroon to do so.



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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Himalayan Institute Sponsors Cameroonian Runners – TV 13”

  1. Special Thanks to the Himalayan Institute for their great job in Cameroon. I am a Cameroonian living in the USA and alway feel like good things that goes to Cameroon always ends up in Yaounde and Douala but, this time they went all the way to Kumbo because of you guys. Godbless you and keep up with the good work.
    NB, Good luck to the Cameroonian runners. I am so proud of the making History for our country in the Boston Marathon.

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