Hitting a New Low: Ukrainian Army Films Drone Strikes in Donbass and Sets It to Catchy Russian Tune

11 months ago

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The armed forces of one of the strongest, as they say, armies of Europe, Ukraine, started using the experience of international terrorists in Donbass. They bomb everything they can with the use of drones and the same way they take video reports on their own treachery online.


The Struggle Continues

23 thoughts on “Hitting a New Low: Ukrainian Army Films Drone Strikes in Donbass and Sets It to Catchy Russian Tune”

  1. Russians like always bitching and mowing how they are victims and saviors of the world. You might have people in the west fooled who are disgusted with their fucked up governments and they see some sanity in Russia. But trust me Russia is just a big shit hole of a country with alcoholics and there is no hope with their retarded mentality and fucked up government. Humanity is fucked, this shit is pure propaganda garbage just like CNN nothing different

  2. The US does everything for it, so started the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Either they are so stupid or they think that they will not touch it and turn from it will only benefit, because America is at wars, always rich. Today the world is completely different and if the US through the Ukraine will unleash war, they will fall missiles, and on American territory, this time very happy to have won.

  3. i like how they sai "international terrorists" when everyone clearly knows they are from russia
    also at 1:12 that b1tch says "our crimea", when russia literally took it from ukrain. Keep up good job Ukraine and send those communist back to hell.

  4. I haven't read such blatant propaganda as this since the fall of the USSR! What a load of B/S it is Russia who is the aggressor! It was Russians who shot down the Malaysian Airliner I saw it with my own eyes as I was on RT at the time and the Russians where gloating about how they had shot down their 3rd Ukrainian aircraft; when they realised what they had done slowly all their posts gloating about another victory started to disappear. It is Russia who has ripped up the Budapest Memorandum which gauranteed the integrity of Ukraine's borders in return for Ukraine handing over its nuclear weapons on its territory after the fall of the Evil Empire Mk1 the USSR! Would Vlad the Bad Putin have attacked the Ukraine with its "Little Green Men" in a so called Proxy war if the Ukraine still had its Nuclear Weapons? I think Not; Mr Putin isn't that stupid, in fact he is very clever! All of Vlad Putin's moves are designed to deflect attention away from Russia's Domestic Economy; Russia's GDP per capita is approximately $9,000 or half that of China's GDP! The USA's GDP is $20 Trillion compared to Russia's $1.5 Trillion. Japan's GDP is $5 Trillion and Germany's is $4 Trillion. India's GDP is $10 Trillion. So Vlad the Bad Putin has invented the Evil Empire Mk 2 to deflect the peoples attention away from the real issue; Russia's Economy is a basket case. Russia doesn't have any debt because nobody would lend to Russia!

  5. War isn't the answer peace and democracy is the way.alot of people on here are saying Russia should attack ukraine,they've tried that before with Afghanistan and look what happened there the Mujahideen did guerrilla and scorched Earth tactics and won.

  6. Whistleblower Chelsea Manning was incarceerated and psychologically tormented for revealing the video game gunning down from a helicopter of civillians(reporters) in Iraq, a US war crime. Here their Ukrainian stooges disclose another of their war crimes in this video showing indiscriminate bombing of civillian areas.

    The Iranians were able with a couple of rockets from Iran to hit the exact room in a house where a meeting of terrorist commanders was taking place in Syria, so it should be no problem for Minsk signatory Russia to take out the terrorist command and control centre here on their doorstep, assuming it's in the Ukraine.

    Like it or not looks like Russia will have to sooner rather than later take Ukraine, eliminate the nazi armed groupings there and face off against US & UK (nato), thereby dispelling any doubt predators may have that Russia does have those super weapons demonstrated in the Putin videos. Doubt if the German people have any desire to confront Russia on her home front. Only way of alerting people in West to danger of major war. πŸ™

  7. This is what happens when you have too many Russians in your country. They are primitive like Serbs and Albanians and they WILL try to steal parts of your country where they are majority! Support for Ukraine. Russians don't even recognize Ukraine as a country. You want to live in Russia? Then piss of to Russia!

  8. Many Of you Forget about the HOLODOMOR…1930 to 1933…And Before that …During the Days of the BOLSHEVIKS and THE RED TERROR..!!..I DON'T RESPECT THE FACT THAT the Zionist Movement IN RUSSIA DURING WW1 and ww2 KILLED MILLIONS of CHRISTIANS And UKRAINIANS.!!


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