Hope-Raising: The Complete Statement by Under Secretary Tibor Nagy on Southern Cameroons Question!

1 month ago

A careful listening to what Hon Tibor Nagy Jr. Said about the ongoing genocide in Once Independent Southern Cameroons now referred to as Ambazonia leaves to understand that more than a simple expression, the world is conscious of truth- that only separation would resolve the issue. Military victory for LRC would never translate into peace, it would never lead to a resolution. This is time to push for a greater reminder to the world that ONCE INDEPENDENT SOUTHERN CAMEROONS Now referred to as AMBAZONIA is not a new nation. It is a country as old as neighboring La République du Cameroun!


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Hope-Raising: The Complete Statement by Under Secretary Tibor Nagy on Southern Cameroons Question!”

  1. Hon Tibor Nagy should understand we know the corrupted game they including France and the UK are playing. This group above are completely in a box of interest not about the Africans who are being massacred on daily bases by dictators whom they support. If the genocide was taking place in the White man area they could have gotten a solution long before now. Instead now he's asking what happen to Nigeria, what has that got to do with Southern Cameroon which was already a State since 1954. Absolutely a nonsense respond.

  2. Amba pipo, take out all the corrupt leaders for the sake of continuity. We can't pretend to leave Lrc and still protect thieves in our midst in the name of leaders. The US and the world at large is seeing everything we do. They can create another corrupt and blooding shedding nation. Clean the struggle and see how miracle works. There should be no virtual president . Focus on GZ and work as a council with a chair coordinating.

  3. This is an old interview. Things have evolved since then. Tabor Nagy has changed his position drastically, having realised that Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia was once an INDEPENDENT NATION before joining La Republic du Cameroon on the basis of a TWO STATE FEDERATION, equal in STATUS !!!! Southern Cameroons has been suppressed and cheated for 58 years and they are saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH, they want to return to their INDEPENDENT STATE as it was before 1961. The situation in Cameroon is quite DIFFERENT from that in Nigeria, where the Biafrans are agitating for secession. And moreover, Ambazonia is very rich . Ambazonia accounts for about 60% of Cameroon's GDP.

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